Monday, September 24, 2012

Loch Muick Circuit

Actual date of this event: 22 Sep

First and foremost: Happy Birthday to my nephew, Cooper! His birthday was yesterday, but his reptile birthday party was on this day. Hope your 5th birthday party was super cool!

On our third day in Aberdeen, we got ourselves into something that we will never regret: hiking. Hiking is probably the best thing about Scotland. The views of the countryside, lochs, waterfalls and hills are amazing. The experience will literally take your breath away! (I think I have said that before?)

Since our arrival we had heard of a specific amazing hike called Loch Muick Circuit. It is located almost an hour and a half away from us in the middle of the Cairngorm Mountains. This hike circles completely around Loch Muick (pronounced 'Mick') and passes a house that Queen Victoria built. Sounds amazing, right? Well it is a 7.75 mile walk, but it is well worth it!

With such beautiful weather and our friends had a visitor in town, we all decided it was the perfect outing for the day! Luke had the camera the whole time, and he took 200 pictures! Maybe, he was fishing for desktop background photos, but it isn't difficult to take that many pictures since your views change with every step. Somehow, I was able to pick out some favorites.

On the way back from the hike, we passed by another hiking trail called Burn O'Vat. Jill and Ryan (our drivers for the day) told us we had to stop to see this neat area along this hike. So, what's another few feet to walk after our circuit? Really not a big deal!

We were able to get a view of Loch Kinord.

We arrived at the Vat and climbed in to take some pictures.

Click here to see wiki's site for the Vat.

Loch Muick is a 2 mile long, freshwater lake.



  1. So happy that you got such great weather for your hike! It sure is a stunnning walk!

  2. Looks like you guys had perfect weather for this outing! Great pics!!! Miss you guys


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