Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Run, Forrest!! Run!!!!!!

After my friend Jill read my blog from yesterday where I stated that I LOOOOOOOOVED Prague, she had the brilliant idea to post about a marathon in the city. Apparently, if I loved Prague THAT much, I would surely train and run a 26.2 mile race with her! HAHAHAH! Well, actually, I really considered it.

I really did love Prague that much. But most importantly, completing a marathon is on my list of lifetime goals. I'll take you back....
5th Grade: My dad is a pretty dedicated runner. Every morning, he got up extremely early to go for a jog. Usually it was about 5 miles. One day, he came up with the idea to run a marathon. So, he began training. I remember my mom dropping him off way far away from home one time, so he could run home during his training. The day came and he finished that baby in, I think, 3 hours 21 minutes. I was SOOOOOOOO proud of him! And I made sure that EVERYONE (well, all the kids at my school) knew he ran a marathon. I wore the (free) t-shirt that he received to school the next Monday. Such a proud daughter!
Since then, I have thought it would be pretty cool if I accomplished something like that in my life.

So I looked online for how to train for a marathon. I'm sure there are many websites out there that give you tips on how to train but I chose the first one that Google presented to me... Marathon Rookie. I open the website, start reading, and... welll... I'll take you through my thought process...
"Even so, many finishes say it was even tougher than they thought." Is that supposed to win me over?
 Well, the goal is not losing weight, so I guess I am on the right track so far.
You're telling me that I need to spend extra money? Because you know these shoes aren't cheap! Again, not winning me over.
 OMG, that sounds like A LOT of work. Actually, I don't understand a word that says.
Did you do what I did? Skip the reading and stare at Drew Brees? Oh Breesus! Anyway, Drew told me that I can do it. And if Drew Brees tells me I can, then I can! (I totally got sucked into that ad. Touché Marathon Rookie.)
 Aw man! I see people running with bottles all the time and it does not look fun!
 Okay, I'm good! I can easily run 3 miles.
 SIGN UP!?!?????? What???!!! Maybe, you should show me Drew Brees again...
I get myself totally worked up and my heart is racing because I am anxious - and not in a good way. I begin messaging with Jill and somehow she makes me feel better. Darn you, Jill, with your words and motivation! And looking at this schedule, it is totally doable. I mean, I don't have a job, so I have the time. And the purpose is to work your way up to it. AND according this schedule, I would not need to start until January 20th. That gives me a little less than 2 months to eat and drink and walk without pain! So at this point, I'm all like, "Yeah! I can do this! Yeah! <fist pump in the air> Luke, you with me?!??" Luke's response is, "<insert very inappropriate word here> NO!" What a wimp! Anyway, I tell him when it is and my hopes and dreams get SHOT! Apparently some two week trip to Italy we are planning is going to get in the way of this painful 26.2 mile race. I was pretty bummed! Sounds crazy? Yes, I know, but it bummed me enough to write a whole blog about it.

Moving on... I told Jill that I will not be able to run. And this girl has a back up plan! Who has a back up plan for when a marathon doesn't work out?!?! Well apparently a physical therapist does (that's Jill)! Her back up plan is running in a 15 mile trail race that goes up and down hills which will be before the Italy trip. So, I ask you folks... what excuse do I have now?

I get a shot in United Kingdom, you must first get a prescription for the vaccine from the NHS nurse. Second, you take the prescription to the chemist (British word for pharmacist). Third, bring the vaccine needle home and store it into the refrigerator. Fourth, take the vaccine to your appointment where the nurse will perform the injection. Yep, did all that today!



  1. you should totally do it!! you're so fit so it'll be easy for you! i had to do that with the vaccine at the NHS, waste of time. next time go to Albyn (Insurance will pay) and you get the shot right then and there!

  2. I'm assuming the 15 mile race mentioned is the Petrofac Challenge out at Balmoral? There's not many 15 mile trail races around these parts... It's a great race so I hear; I was signed up for it last year but got a knee injury the week before sadly. I was focused on training for another race at the time so decided not to do it in the interest of my other goal. A couple of friends of mine did it and they loved it.
    Tip: I would recommend a CamelBak-type pack rather than hand bottles if you decide to carry water - they keep your hands free and are useful for storing other bits and pieces too.
    If you're interested in reading about running and training in NE Scotland you might enjoy my blog -

    1. Hi Rhona,
      Thanks for checking out my page! You are correct in that we are looking into doing the Balmoral race. For this one, we might convince a few others to join us!
      Thanks for your blog link! I will check it out soon :-) Hope you were able to get out today!

  3. Great post, Debbie! I'm counting on you to run the 15 miler with me so let's do what Drew Brees, I mean Marathon Rookie says and sign up already! There is the Berlin Marathon in September. Don't you worry, I'll find us another one :-)

  4. I would be so proud of you! Marathon running is not on my list of life goals, but I definitely admire people who accomplish it. Now is the time to train, and Scotland is a great place for it. There are so many marathons throughout Europe that you'll have no problem finding one to run. Have you run a 1/2 marathon yet? Might be a good starting point...and I might actually do one with you. You and Jill can have the full marathons for yourselves:)I'm considering the 15 miler and just upped my daily runs to 8-9 miles so we'll see how that goes!

  5. This is so inspiring:) I've always wanted to run a half or full marathon but I never put in time to train. Wish I could train with you ladies but I'll be off to the land of desserts :/


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