Friday, December 7, 2012

SnowyColdDark Days

Apparently, 'SnowyColdDark' can be all one word and it is a must that they all go together when you are describing Aberdeen... or at least for this past week. Again, not complaining... Not ready to go back to the heat!

Anyway, not much has been going in Aberdeen recently, except a whole bunch of random things. So here's to a pretty random blog post:

1.) Its. Been. Cold. Pretty much every morning the weather has "felt like" 15 degrees and it hasn't gone above 36 degrees. We have had snow on the ground since Tuesday night, and in some parts of Aberdeen, Saturday night. Unfortunately, since we live in the city, it doesn't stick as much as in the country. I did my first drive in the snow, and I am still deciding if it is easier or harder than driving in the rain. I am still so nervous to drive after my issue last week, so I have been walking to the gym. The sidewalks are very icy, but I have yet to slip on my behind.
2.) I will not dwell because I am having a hard time letting go, but our friends Tanvi and Ram are leaving us in a few weeks. They are my fellow Coog friends and will be moving on to Dubai. We had a "leaving do" (aka going away party) for them last weekend. It was super fun!

3.) The darkness is really difficult but we only have about 13 more days until the daylight begins to increase. Come on Decemeber 21st!!
By looking at this pic, you would think it is about 5pm or 6pm. Nope, this is 2pm.
4.) We are going on a ski trip with our Aberdeen friends in early March and we finally put down our deposit and booked our flights. Morzine, here we come!
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5.) Luke and I are still on the fence about what to do over the New Year holiday. He was in London for a few days this week and we havent had any time to sit down and actually finalize the plans. Paris? Versailles? Orleans? Brussels? Antwerp? Bruges? I'll take all six please!
Bruges, Belgium
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Paris, France
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6.) Its Christmas time and various things have been going on lately to get everyone in the spirit...
a.)  Union Street has lights above the street that are only on when it is dark - well that is for 17 hours of the day, I guess.
b.) AWA had a Christmas Luncheon on Wednesday. Yummy food and great company!
c.) At the luncheon, Laine won a snowman decoration that gets passed to someone new each year. She would not allow it in her home, so I took it! Luke and I have not decorated and do not plan to decorate for Christmas. So I thought it would fun to bring him home as our one decoration. Look at Luke's face when he saw Stanley in our home.
Stanley has special powers. When Luke is at work, he reports to me about whether or not Luke is being nice to me. And then moves to a different location in the house so he can always have an eye on Luke. Apparently, Luke told him not to be a snitch, but I am Stanley's boss, so he only listens to me.

Like I said, not much has been going on but walking in the cold which ends up being sweating in the cold from walking so fast and up small hills. The winter has only started, and we have been told that we are expecting a bad winter. Im not sure if that means icy or snowy or windy or all of the above. Good luck to us!

A 100-bulb strand of Christmas lights costs $50, and you cannot connect them. Eeeekkkk!!!


P.S. I was too lazy to proofread this blog, so I apologize for any mistakes!


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