Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hello from Florence!

While I wait for my clothes to wash and while I drink my coffee and while I wait for Luke to wake up, I figured now was a good time to update you on our happenings in Italy!
View of St Peter's Basilica in Vatican City

We arrived in Florence on Sunday an today marks day 8 of our adventure. We went from a busy Rome where we walked around 40 miles in 4 days to sitting in the middle of a piazza with a beer (which the cops don't like by the way) in Florence. We have had some great food and great views and made great memories! Here are some of those:

BEST PIZZA: Its a toss up - my calzone at Cafe Nerone in Rome had amazing crust! and we had two great pizzas at Baldovino in Florence
BEST GELATO: I'm still waiting for the MOST delicious but Santa Trinita's Caffe is pretty close to Scoop (my fave in London). 
BEST VIEW: a tie -- Top of Piazzale Michalangelo in Florence. And Renzo Maranai vineyard in the middle of the Chianti Classico region of Tuscany, so peaceful!

BIGGEST SURPRISE: Getting locked out of our apartment in Rome (and also locked in). The apartment building had an automatic door which was not working so we had to wait for someone to figure out how to pry the door open from the inside. 
MOST RELAXING MOMENT: Drinking a bottle of wine on Ponte Santa Trinita with a view of Ponte Vecchio while the sun set. We weren't the only ones doing this. 
BIGGEST LET DOWN: The Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel. Yes, its pretty. Yes, its famous. But way too many people and you're ushered through and can't even enjoy it. The ceilings of the museum were gorgeously painted but it was just so crowded. 
MOST WORTH IT: The underground tour at the Colosseum. We got to visit special places of the Colosseum and have a live tour guide which the normal ticket didn't include. So worth the extra €9!
MOST ANNOYING MOMENT: "Sellers" in Rome especially the rose guys. These non-Italian guys try to sell you stuff and bother you while you eat your dinner. (Spanish Steps below where rose guys were everywhere)
BEST SIGHT: The Roman Forum in Rome - it's just amazing how the ruins lie in the middle of the city and are huge! We walked close to four miles all around the ruins.
These are my opinions but I would love to hear your thoughts. Those of you who have been to Rome and Florence, what are your bests and worsts?


  1. When we went to Italy we had the best pizza in Florence too :)

  2. Those are great photos! I love the categories. That's a great idea... I may steal it! We are going to Rome next year, so this is really helpful!


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