Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ritter Sport Chocolate World in Berlin

Actual date of this event: 4 November

I would like to thank Shannon at Beginnings in Bayern, an American expat in Germany, for introducing me to Ritter Sport. I had never heard of the chocolate bars until she wrote a blog about it a few months ago. I immediately added the activity to my Berlin to-do list. Thank you, Shannon, for the fun idea!
I got to make my own chocolate!! Kinda. 
The bright and colorful Ritter Sport Chocolate World store in Berlin screamed "Buy my chocolate! Make some chocolate! Eat it all. Eat it all!!" Making my own chocolate bar was one thing I absolutely had to do during our visit to Berlin. 

Luke decided to opt out of this activity... because there was no peanut butter option... sigh... that's okay... more for me! Like everywhere, I said to the guy behind the counter "Hallo. Sprechen sie Englisch?" (Hello. Do you speak English?) and he kindly answered, "Of course." Big relief! English is it! He explained to me how it all worked. And so I began... while Luke played on his phone... boring.
First: pay for the chocolate bar(s), €3.90 per 100 gram bar
I chose to make just one bar and was not going to share it with anyone!
Second: choose between milk chocolate and dark chocolate
I, of course, went with dark chocolate because choosing otherwise would be silly.
Third: choose up to three flavorful ingredients
I chose cranberries, chili, and more cranberries.

Fourth: receive a ticket with a number on it and come back in 30 minutes to pick up the delicious treat
Boy did I get lucky because after I created my bar, a class of 5 year olds came through on a field trip! 
Fifth: choose from a list of activities to do while waiting
I considered buying more chocolate in their shop, but decided to make Luke pose for a picture next to giant chocolate bars instead...
Once, he went back to playing on his phone... boring...  I visited the Ritter Sport museum to learn how the company makes their chocolate...

 Then, I snapped some photos of the Ritter Sport Buddy Bear (more on these guys in another post)...
Then, I went to annoy my husband in the upstairs cafe where he was waiting, still playing on his phone...

Sixth: pick up the candy bar
When my 30 minutes was up, I skipped to the escalator, contained my excitement while riding my way down (safety first folks!), and galloped to the pick up counter. My patience was struggling because I had four people waiting in front of me and loads of chocolate bars were staring at my face.

Finally, it was my turn! The chocolate lady popped my bar out of its mold, slipped it into a clear bag, sealed it with a Ritter Sport sticker, slid it into its perfectly shaped box with its card, and handed it to me with a smile!

Danke!!! (Thank you!!)
I am pretty sure everyone in the shop could tell I just received my chocolate creation due to my giant smile! 
Meanwhile, Luke looked on with envy as I opened it up, snapped off a piece, and said "mmmm mmmmm mmmmm" as I nibbled on the yummy goodness without sharing a single crumb.

How would you create your Ritter Sport chocolate bar?

It would take 30,666 Ritter Sport chocolate bars to reach the height of the Fernsehturm (TV Tower) in Berlin.

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