Monday, January 27, 2014

I'd Like to Thank... for the Liebster Award

I was recently recognized by Pristine at New Kid on the Loch for being a pretty cool chica! SOOOOOO super kidding! But she did nominate me for The Liebster Award! I feel pretty darn special, so thanks to Pristine for making my day! Pristine is a young American expat, a Texas Aggie, and is finding her passion in life while exploring the world -!

With this award, I have been asked to share a bit about myself - starting with 11 things about me, and then I answer 11 questions that my nominator has asked me. In return, I nominate 5-11 more people for the Liebster Award, give them 11 questions to answer, and they follow along. It is sorta like a chain letter, but no one has to buy any panties for other people (I always found that SO weird!). 

{While researching this award, the history and what not, I came across this page - in case you are interested in learning more about the award.}

1.) I went 30.5 years of not liking mushrooms. Then all of a sudden, the chestnut ones (the ones with a brown caps) grew on me. Perhaps because they taste like nuts?
2.) I shave my legs 
3.) I am very very particular about how the dishwasher gets loaded. Luke tries to be helpful, but I usually end up rearranging anything he puts in there.
4.) It usually takes me about 5 minutes to brush my teeth.
5.) I don't think Anchorman is a good movie.
6.) I am perfectly content with no music and no TV while I am at home by myself. I love silence!
7.) I had plans to run a half-marathon in early April in Prague and even trained for a couple weeks. That stopped when I found out it was already full since the whole point was to go somewhere fun!
8.) I still have not plucked, waxed, threaded, or trimmed my eyebrows in 9 months.
9.) I do NOT have stinky feet despite what my husband says. :-/
10.) I still drink water out of a Tervis Tumbler even though I never use ice, which is the whole purpose of a Tervis.
11.) I absolutely hate wearing "normal" clothes when I am at home. I immediately change into comfy clothes after being out somewhere.

1.) What is your favorite book? 
I have to consult Good Reads on this one... I'd say Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, The Help, and The Hunger Games are probably my most favorite.
2.) If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you travel to next? 
I would kill to go to New Zealand! Have you seen pictures of that place? Talk about gorgeous!!!
3.) Why did you choose your blog name? 
In the beginning of my blogging days, someone gave me the suggestion to come up with a more creative name. So I switched from Buisson Family to Buisson International. I really pulled out the big guns for that one, didn't I? hah! To be honest, I am not a big fan of my blog name, and I have considered changing it so many times, but can't quite get up the courage to do it.
4.) What was the best thing you’ve ever eaten? 
Cheez-its. Just kidding! Sorta. I was obsessed with Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, and tomatoes during our trip to Italy... I could eat that stuff forever! And also this Duck Confit sandwich from the Real Food Market on the Southbank in London. yummmm!
5.) What was the worst thing you’ve ever eaten? 
I  made a pasta dish one time when I lived in Covington that included spinach, ricotta and pine nuts. I have absolutely no clue how I messed that one up, but it was so terrible that I threw it all in the trash. 
6.) If you could learn a new language instantly, what would you choose? 
I keep changing my mind. At first I wanted to learn Portuguese because I was given the impression it was similar to both Spanish and French. After hearing that Portuguese is one of the most difficult languages to learn, I moved on to German. But now after some research, it seems French is the most worldy language. Luke and I are going to team up though - French for him and German for me.
7.) Would you rather spend your life in the pocket of a sweaty giant or in his shower drain? 
Probably the pocket. Luke recently de-clogged our shower drain and that was not pretty. Plus, sometimes shower drains are also used as toilets.
8.) Do you prefer summer or winter? 
WINTER! I am still not over that Southern heat. Even when it is 40 degrees outside, I still end up sweating within 10 minutes of just walking.
9.) What is your dream job? 
Job? What's that? Just kidding! I honestly think I had the most perfect job back in Louisiana. For the most part, I was able to be my own boss, be creative, make my own lesson plans, have great relationships with the students and parents, and my co-teachers were fantastic, devoted, helpful and supportive. I didn't get paid much but that doesn't matter when you're happy with what you're doing.
10.) Flats or heels? 
Flats are the only thing I wear! After moving overseas, I have put on heels maybe four times. I do way too much walking to wear heels. I even tell our visitors to not bring any heels.
11.) If you could only eat one thing/dish for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
Cheez-its. Just kidding! Sorta. I think I could eat a tomato, basil, and prosciutto pizza topped with rocket for the rest of my life. That's pretty much all I ate in Italy for ten days, and I never got sick of it.


1.) What is the first website/app you usually go to when you initially get on the internet? 
2.) What is the biggest obstacle you have faced while traveling? 
3.) In terms of behavior, were you good or bad in school?
4.) Which would you rather play during a night out: ping-pong, darts, or pool?
5.) Would you rather live at the beach in the winter or in the mountains in the summer?
6.) What song gets you in the mood to sing and dance?
7.) What is the most amazing tourist attraction you have come across while traveling?
8.) Who (a celebrity) was your biggest teenage crush?
9.) What popular travel destination do you little desire to visit? Why?
10.) What is something you have never done that you are very proud of avoiding?
11.) If you could travel back in time, at what point in your life would you go and why?

Happy Monday, y'all!!!! 

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