Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Funny Moment: Buisson's in Bairro Alto

Actual date of this event: Debbie's 31st Birthday in Lisbon, Portugal

First off: We spent 48 hours in Lisbon, and I had so much love for the place that I journaled four full posts about it. Obviously, we loved it!

We had a few funny moments in Lisbon.
I already said one of them in my Belem post, and another in my Baixa post.
Here are two more funny moments that keep us young :-)

The One with "Coke!"
That picture is what Bairro Alto looks like from around mid-night til probably 3-4am. There are some patches that are so crowded that you have to squeeze your way through and some areas are open like the one I am standing in. Bairro Alto reminded us a lot of the French Quarter in New Orleans. The streets fill with people starting around 11pm (although in NOLA, it's like an all day thing). Everyone goes into one of the many bars in the area to get a drink in a plastic cup, and then takes it outside to hang out and chat with their friends. The bars are really tiny, so there isn't much room for people to stand. The bars also vary between live music (some fado, some not) and DJ's. We stayed in an apartment one street up from this street :-)

Moving on to the funny moment, I mentioned how Luke kept getting asked if he wanted to buy hashish while we walked through Baixa. Bairro Alto was no different - it was actually worse. Finally, I told Luke that I thought it was his beanie. His beanie cap was attracting these people to him. He refused to take if off. Well the next seller asked if Luke wanted to buy coke. Obviously, Luke declined. I missed the incident as I was distracted by... well, I don't know what, but probably something shiny. Just after he finished telling me the story, a guy walks buy us and yells, "Coke!", not directly to us but he was right next to us, so it was as if he was yelling it at Luke. We started laughing because Luke was like, "Now there are just yelling 'coke!' at me." I again, told him it was his beanie, but he still refused to take it off. I think we had a few more people approach us about hashish and coke for the next two hours while we wondered around Bairro Alto. And every couple of minutes we would hear someone yell "Coke!!" out to the crowd. The way the Lisboans offering people drugs is quite amusing :-) Note: I am not sure if the people of Lisbon are called Lisboans... I'm making that up.

Lastly, if you are thinking this is a dangerous place to be with the drug trafficking, we never felt like we were in danger this whole time. We felt 100% safe. I read online that some of these sellers are scams. And we know the webs is never wrong.

The One Where Luke Imitated the Window Display
Go shorty, it's my birthday, we gonna party like it's my birthday! Technically, it was the night before my birthday, but it became February 9th while we were out in Bairro Alto, so I'm calling it my birthday. Obviously we were drinking, and obviously things were much funnier due to that. Reason why we thought "Coke!!" was so funny.

We were walking along the streets in Bairro Alto, and I noticed this window display. Luke and I do this thing that when we see something really goofy, we make this flat laughing noise (like a quicker version of the Beavis & Butthead laugh). If you're ever around me when a smart car drives by, I will make this noise. In Rome, it got a bit old. Anyway, when we saw the window display, we started our flat laugh, and I'm like "I have to take of picture of this! It's so funny! Wait, no! Luke go imitate the display!!!" So while he was posing for my picture, people were walking by and look confused at why I was taking the picture. But then they noticed Luke, and started cracking up and giving me a thumbs up for it :-) Good good times!!!

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I found this video online, and this has me cracking up right now!

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