Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Split, Croatia: Catamaran Cruise

Actual date of this event: 27 August

AyeAyeAye... I can't believe that five months ago, we were in Croatia! This post is really going to put a damper on my winter mood. Juuuust kidding! Anyway... We loved Croatia! We easily could have spent weeks in just the two cities we visited: Split and Dubrovnik. We would love to go back again this year, and we are hoping we have time for it! One of our favorite activities was the Catamaran Cruise that we did in Split.
Luke and I chose to do the boat ride immediately upon arriving to Split. We actually received an email saying they moved the time to noon as opposed to 3pm, so we were slightly worried we wouldn't make it if our flight was delayed. It all worked out perfectly though thank goodness - we did NOT want to have another Santorini Catamaran Cruise situation. We chose to go with Summer Blues for our tour because, well, it was the only one I could find online. There seemed to be other options at the port that you can book in person, but given that I am a planner, I was not okay with going with the flow on this. Anyway, we were a few minutes early to our departure time, so we walked along the Riva (the promenade along the waterfront).

At noon, we sailed away from the coast into the beautiful Adriatic Sea. As we got farther and farther away, we could see the mountains appearing above the city's skyline. So pretty! It just so happened that during our journey, the sun hid behind some clouds several times. But we weren't complain especially since we had heard Croatia had a rare rainy June and July.

The bar opened immediately after departure, so of course this guy was not afraid to be the first to place an order! I was right behind him of course :-)
Eventually we neared the port of Supetar on Brac Island where we picked up a few other passengers.

 {looking back at the mainland above Split}

From the airplane coming in, it looked as if the coast and its islands were lined with beaches, but most of it is actually white rock. We sailed into a small cove, where we dropped anchor for a little while to swim. The water felt wonderful, but was so so so so salty! It is so strange how it wasn't as salty just down the coast at Corfu, Greece. We enjoyed our swim plenty, but this girl can't tread water for her life, so I had to return to the deck quickly.

We sailed back out into the sun, and made a few more swim stops, where I even did a back flip off the boat! There was another guy doing back flips, but he wasn't as good - his GoPro held him back. We had some lunch, had some more beer, laid all over the netting, watched a hungover stag-do make passes at a group of girls, and listened to what seemed to be a short playlist on repeat the entire time. Bomboleeeeeeeeeo! Bombolea! Luke, you know you love it.
Time was passing so quickly, so before we knew, we began back tracking. We dropped off those few passengers back at Brac and made a slow journey back to the port.

Our trip began at 12pm, and finished at 7:30pm. During the journey back to port, the sun was low and the sky turned amazing. You can imagine how things were turning over a seven hour time period of endless booze...

{To be fair, this looked like a silhouette through the camera lens.}
But look at that model! That should be the next cover of GQ, dontyathink?
We grabbed one last beer to go (of course) and stood to watch the sun fully set. What a perfect way to start our Croatian adventure! So relaxing, so fun, so beautiful, what a dream!

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The Croatian Adriatic claims to be the top sailing destination in the world. The yachting season generally spans from early-June to early-September, where the ports and Croatian waters are filled with party boats. How.Fun! Anyone???

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