Monday, May 18, 2015

Barcelona: A Teaser

Actual date of this event: 17-22 September, 2014

You would think a metric ton of pictures would tell a story, but they don't exactly. I ran into a major issue, just now, when I began to write about Barcelona. 1.) Between the two of us (Luke and I), we took 9GB worth of pictures, almost 2,500 total, 2.) I didn't take ANY notes over our six days, 3.) there was A LOT of wine and A LOT of beer involved over these six days (the pictures seemed to stop happening around 8pm each day which makes it difficult to remember what we did at night), and 4.) I am now over 8 months behind on my blog with 11 other trips and many other noteworthy experiences that I need to write about. I promise I have not given up on the blog - it's just a major first world problem to not have enough time to dedicate to blog writing because I am planning more trips.
While I have finished sifting through all of the pictures, I have not yet decided how I will go about documenting these six amazing days! In the meantime, here are a few of my favorites, just for a tease:

I seem to come back from every trip we take, and tell family and friends, "It was so great... I would love to go back... I highly recommend going there!" (I think that's a good thing though), but with Barcelona, it is the truth! We had heard from several people that Barcelona is the best city in Europe, and I can definitely see why they say so. We loved it! More to come...

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Catalan is the dominant language in Barcelona. It is not a dialect of Spanish. (here is a video that shows the differences in the words for different fruits)

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