Thursday, August 6, 2015

Christmas Markets: Düsseldorf, Germany

Actual date of this event: 7 December

After spending the weekend enjoying Cologne's Christmas Markets, we decided to stop in Dusseldorf before making our way to the airport. We only had a few hours, and in that time we needed to stop for lunch at some point, so we didn't have too much time to explore.
It wasn't a very pretty day, so I don't think it was as crowded as it could have been. I believe there were seven total markets in Dusseldorf, but we only walked through about three of them (unless they were so close to each other that we didn't realize we were in more than one market). The market at City Hall was the most crowded, as to be expected, but my favorite was the area by the Ferris Wheel.

Now that I am thinking about it, Dusseldorf seemed much quieter than Cologne. Perhaps because it was the daytime, so no bands were playing. Or that it was Sunday, and it was more of a family day rather than a party hard day. Or maybe because it was drizzling outside and everyone was in a sour mood.

We had a great time exploring the Christmas Markets for the weekend, and I hope mom and dad loved them just as much as we did! Over the course of the weekend, we collected eight mugs, putting our total Christmas mug count at thirteen. Those babies aren't the lightest things to carry around in a bag for a few hours! I generally only use the mugs at home for mulled wine when it's cold outside, but I may have to make an exception as I am very close to brewing a batch of gluhwein to hold me over until the 2015 Christmas Market season arrives!

The small area of Dusseldorf's Old Town has over 300 bars giving it a nickname of "the longest bar in the world".

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