Thursday, November 14, 2013

Christmas in London

This past Saturday, Luke and I went to see the Book of Mormon Musical matinee show. It was perfect timing because after the show, we got some food, had a few drinks at a pub and then made our way to Regent Street where the first of the "major" lights got switched on! For a few weeks now, we have been seeing Christmas lights get hung on the streets, windows display festive decor, and businesses with signs for booking holiday parties. With no Thanksgiving to mark an appropriate time to start decorating for Christmas, the world-minus-USA is a bit confused on when to begin celebrating. (Or maybe it's that the US is a little bit behind?) Either way, I am loving a city with festivities every single day!!
Regent Street is one of the main corridors in London, connecting Piccadilly Circus to Oxford Street to Regents Park. Each major street that flips the switch has a celebrity do the deed and for Regent Street it was like ten different people. I'm not quite sure how that worked? Luke and I decided to stay away from the massive crowd so we could hop on the tube right after. Anyway, last night, the Oxford Street lights were turned on, and a few more streets will be coming soon.
{Oxford Street a few weeks ago before the lights turned on}
Last year, Luke and I were in Paris and Belgium just after Christmas. One of my favorite things during the trip was all of the lights strung between the buildings and the markets. I had heard London is pretty during Christmas, but no one ever told me why. All of the decorations make the darkness so much more bearable!
{a few weeks ago in Covent Garden}
London also hosts Christmas markets in different locations until early January. And to get the kids (and big kids) nice and jolly, six ice rinks are set up around the city as well. How exciting does this sound?!?
I am so thrilled that we get to share the experience with some of Luke's family during Thanksgiving week... although, it will feel like Christmas. I am not a HUGE Christmas person like some people are, but these fireworks sure got me in spirit :-)

Happy holidays!!

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