Thursday, August 27, 2015

Random London vol.1

Over the last 2.5 years, Luke and I have done A LOT of wandering around London... walking and jogging who knows how many miles of its streets. Because of this, we have taken many many random pictures of London. We created a Misc. London folder on the computer to hold on to these precious photos since we obviously felt the need to document what we had stumbled upon. I have always wanted to organize these photos somehow, but I don't really see how to go about doing that. And then I got the idea to document some of these interesting bits on the blog. That is what the purpose of the blog is after all, yeah? So here is the first of several editions of our random discoveries.

Sun is shining at the Camden Locks on the Regent's Canal
late March 2014
We went out to explore on a gorgeous day. Naturally everyone else had the same idea. When the sun is shining in London, it is mandatory to be outside! 

Alone in a carriage on the District Line
early February 2014
 It isn't often that you get a whole carriage to yourself on the tube in London... especially during the day on the weekend!

Royal Courts of Justice
 we see this all the time
This was one of the first buildings I saw in London, but it was actually at night. I remember staring up at it thinking, "Wow, this building is so pretty!" Sitting on the Strand across from the Original Twinings shop, it's actually free to go inside after going through a security check.

Emerald Court
 early July 2015
I randomly did a search one day of the "narrowest street in London" and after reading a few debates, Emerald Court is what I came across. The "street" isn't too far from our house, so on the way home from breakfast one day, I took a minor detour to check out this little alley. It is just slightly wider than human shoulders.

Bridges of London
mid-November 2014
I rode the train in from Wimbledon one day to take a jog along the Thames. Jogging east along the north side of the river, I spotted a lovely view toward Tower Bridge. I had only ever walked west before, so this was a new view for me. Note to self: Don't forget to do a 360 turn when exploring cities!

More than 50% of the London Underground, aka the tube, is above ground.

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