Thursday, September 10, 2015

Random London vol.2

Over the last 2.5 years, Luke and I have done A LOT of wandering around London... walking and jogging who knows how many miles of its streets. Because of this, we have taken many many random pictures of London. We created a Misc. London folder on the computer to hold on to these precious photos since we obviously felt the need to document what we had stumbled upon. I have always wanted to organize these photos somehow, but I don't really see how to go about doing that. And then I got the idea to document some of these interesting bits on the blog. That is what the purpose of the blog is after all, yeah? So here is the second of several editions of our random discoveries.

Green Park
early November 2014
It's a sad day when you begin to notice leaves on the ground which generally marks the end of summer and the start of fall (or autumn as they say in Britain). But those fallen leaves sure do look pretty.

The View from Luke's Office
On the sixth floor of his building, Luke gets to see the Gherkin everyday.

St. Pancras International Railway Station
early 2014
One of the prettiest buildings in London! Anyone who arrives to London at Kings Cross or St. Pancras gets a gorgeous welcome.

Hay's Galleria
 mid-July 2015
I had only ever seen Hay's Galleria from the river walk as it is along the normal path I take visitors between Tower Bridge and Borough Market. But when I went one evening to go hang out with a friend who lives nearby, I got to see the area from a different angle.

Beer is Healthy
early-March 2015
Luke LOVES taking pictures of pub signs. I've got more of these to share :-)

Half of the building of St. Pancras International Railway Station is the Renaissance Hotel (formerly known as Midland Grand Hotel). The hotel was the location of the Spice Girls' Wannabe music video.

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