Monday, June 25, 2012

The Early Adventures of Our Reassignment

What a busy past few months it has been for Luke and me. Here is the break down:
-Beginning of January - We found out Luke would be placed in a new job at the end of March. It was exciting, but we had to begin researching all of the possible jobs. It was stressful (mostly for him) but I was able to increase my geography knowledge. Can't complain about that!
-End of March - Luke received a call saying he was being placed into a job in Aberdeen, Scotland. Yippee, we finally knew where we were moving. Not quite... He had not received the official offer, so we could not tell anyone. Hard to keep a secret.
-Beginning of April - we finally received the official offer for Luke's new position. Yippee, it's official and now we can tell everyone! Not quite... We have not received our Visas and medical clearance, so something could go wrong. Still hard to keep a secret!
-Throughout April and May - We receive email after email asking for multiple (and I mean multiple) things for us to do, verify, do again and verify again. Thank God there are two of us because I don't know if one person could manage.
-Mid-May - Our Visas have arrived and both of us are healthy enough to reside in the UK. Yippee, we can tell the whole wide world (aka facebook) that we will be expats to the United Kingdom! Not so fast... We must not inform the world because we still have jobs to do and the emotions of others to consider. Bummer, but it was for the best.
-June 2nd - Our house has been listed for sale... After scrubbing the floors, hand washing all light fixtures, cleaning the oven and refrigerator (Luke's lovely jobs) and cleaning out my closet for the second time this year. All of this took up my first few summer days... I thought summer was supposed to be relaxing! Luckily, on June 2, we got to relax on a family vacay to Destin, Florida. Much needed vacay!
-June 8 - Counteroffer on our home has been accepted! Hallelujah! We don't have to be SUPER neat freaks anymore.
-Mid-June - We have announced to the world (aka Facebook) that we are moving to Scotland. Huge weights lifted off of our shoulders. No more secrets to be kept! At the same time, our house inspection has been cleared. Yes!
-Which brings us to today, June 24 - We have spent the days sifting, sorting and organizing through all of our stuff (which feels like the tenth times we have done this since April). We have donated what seems like half of our house and MORE THAN HALF of our clothes and definitely my shoes.

We are stressed, tired, excited, anxious, confused, sad and happy all at the same time. We will make it - it is just a matter of when.


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