Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"See You Later"

It's always difficult to say goodbye to those who have helped you through a stage in your life. When I moved to Covington four years ago, I was leaving behind some terrific friends that I couldn't live without. I moved at the beginning of July to allow myself time to settle in to a new home before starting a new job with complete strangers. I was going from a low income school with somewhat poor performing students to a high income school with high performing students. It was opposite ends of the spectrum. I was nervous from day one.

On my first day arriving to the school to see my classroom and start setting up, I was greeted by none other than my very own "sister." Pam Georges (we have random connections throughout our lives... Im just ten years behind) was the first to welcome me to what was soon to be some of my most wonderful years.

Today, I had one last lunch in Louisiana with my former co-workers who prove that it is difficult to even call co-workers. These women have given me strength and support in some tough times in the past four years and not once have I felt judged. It's tough to find that in a women-filled environment. They have helped me through psycho emails, wedding planning, stolen vehicles, weight loss, "ping-ponging", a half-of-the-time-gone-husband, keeping out the coons while camping, wobbling the berney, and most importantly shared the difficulty of having large calves.
Me and Paulette at Disney World with our 7th graders in April 2011
Christmas Party 2010
Beach Trip 2010
Christmas Party 2010
THE Best Middle School Team EVER
Last Day of School Trash Splash 2012

It was emotional closing the school year... especially since there was two weeks of preparation, but it was best for the students. I was saying bye to a group of kids that I had known all four years. It was a good feeling to hear how much of an impact I had on them, but so hard to leave them after so long. You don't realize how much you mean to someone until you part ways. I have such positive memories with these students, and I wish them the world when they grow up.

A picture drawn by one of my students
Gift from my Cedarwood Family - It is called Tiger Lily
Here is my classroom throughout the years.

Here is my classroom all packed up and empty.

My life in Louisiana has been an adventure that I will never forget. I knew that some day I would be leaving, but I never imagined that it would be so difficult to leave. For all of those people who made negative comments about Louisiana four years ago when I was about to make the journey, you have no idea what you are missing out on!

"It is not 'good-bye', it is a 'see you later'." -Jessica Williams


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