Monday, May 20, 2013

States Visit: Houston Family and Friends

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Actual date of this event: 4,5,6 May

For the first weekend we were visiting the States, Luke and I wanted to see our friends. We had sent out an email months ago with a Save The Date, so we could all hang out on Saturday. Unfortunately, as we get older and families grow, only a few friends were available. It's okay though because we got to spend that time really catching up with them. 

Before the party, Luke and I went with Becca to the grocery store to get party food. But most importantly, Luke and I needed to stock up on some toiletries - specifically deodorant. [The deodorant in the UK is different and I'm hesitant to try it.] I enjoyed seeing the "differences" in US grocery stores! Haha! It's funny that I forgot about the tiny things that make life in the US easy. Like Target. Having a Starbucks at every corner. With a drive thru (although we went in most of the time because the drive thru line was so long). And being able to sit in your car at the same time as your gas is pumping. Easy!

When party time came around, our guests trickled in. The kids swam in the heated pool. That's right - In Houston, in May, the pool needed to be heated! [I guess I have failed to mention that the weather has been very kind to us during our visit.] We grilled on the BBQ pit, hung out, chatted up, and had a relaxing time. Luke and I thank y'all for setting the time aside to meet us during our visit!
Cooper says "Go Coogs!!"

Sunday was a beautiful day again! While Becca, Eric and the kids were at church, Luke and I discussed that we would like to go to Kemah. Since I grew up so close to it, I avoided the area for years as I never found it all that special. And Luke had never been, so it seemed like a great plan. When the family came home from church, Cooper said "We're going to Kemah for lunch!" The five year old totally stole our idea! Jk :)

We went to lunch at Salt Grass which has always been one of my favorite Houston restaurants - mainly for the bread and butter! Afterward, we walked around and let the kids play their games which are practically impossible to lose so that's nice. Even two year old Zoey won a prize!

We spent the rest of the day resting and playing with the kids. My dad was taking us the whole 3+ hours to Jennings the next day so we needed to prepare our loads of luggage for that. No need to say farewell though because we saw the Houston folks again at the tail end of our trip. 


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  1. My cousin lived in Clear lake and we use to go to Kemah all the time. My dad stills drives to seabrook for seafood whenever he wants the good stuff. Also, did you see the Hawaiian shave ice place on the corner before you get to the boardwalk? Amazing, just like Hawaii! Anyhow, hope you had fun in Kemah!


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