Tuesday, May 21, 2013

States Visit: Louisiana Family

Actual date of this event: 6-9

On Monday morning, Luke and I got to sleep in some. We both went for a jog before my dad picked us up to take us the 3+ hours to Jennings, Louisiana. We cannot thank my dad enough for driving us all the way there!
My friends Tash and James are from Wales, and my other friend Nary would always say they are from Welsh. So I took this picture for Tash :)
The first thing we did was check out the car. Our car. I mean MY car. We sold the car to my mother-in-law when we moved. It literally was our baby. I miss her so much! She is still in good shape, so lots of relief there! We borrowed her for a few days while in Jennings, but since I still had a fear of driving on the right side of the road, I let Luke do all of the driving. 

We went and stayed in Lake Charles with my father-in-law that night so we could see him, Sara, Michael and Andi. All I wanted was one of Andy's delicious steaks and of course he brought it! Him and Sara are THE BEST chefs on the planet! So much better than a restaurant! It was great to chat and hang out with them. Really excited for them to visit us over Thanksgiving!

On Tuesday, Luke and I ran a few errands in Lake Charles which included our one and only Target run of the trip and eating Jason's Deli for lunch. Luke misses good salads... you just can't get a good big salad in the UK. I also got my drivers license renewed - long story but I was extremely worried I wasn't going to be able to get it renewed. We went back to the Jennings and bothered Julie in her office while she attempted to work. 

Remember the first year you were away from your family for Christmas? Couldn't have a Thanksgiving meal with your family? It was a big deal! Well Luke almost experienced that this year... but with crawfish. Louisiana lifestyle is all about food. And crawfish season is crazy! Luke has had crawfish multiple times a season every year since the day he was born. We decided to come back to the States in May just because it was our last chance at crawfish. We were highly considering October to be able to go to football games, but crawfish was more important. Anyway, Tuesday night we gorged in those mud bugs! We ordered 20lbs between Julie, Luke and me and I am pretty sure Luke ate at least 10lbs. I'd say he was satisfied!
On Wednesday, Julie, Luke and I went for lunch in Lake Arthur - first time visiting that place! Hah! Since the weather was nice, we got to sit on the deck and enjoy the breeze and view of Lake Arthur. I enjoyed my fried shrimp & oyster po-boy although I could have done without the oysters this time. After lunch, Luke and I had a meeting with our investor, and then we enjoyed the evening at a friend's house.  

Thursday was the day. The day to see the kiddos. The day to finally meet our newest nephew! We were excited!! We headed to Lafayette where Meghan and Chase live. Beckham is a super happy big guy! His chubby cheeks are the home of some precious dimples! And if he gets upset, he makes the saddest pouty face. It's hilarious! Haha!! I cant believe he is already 5 months though. We hung out for a few hours waiting for Meghan and Chase to come home from work. Since it was Julie's birthday that day, we went to Zea's for frozen Cosmoa & Mediterranean Hummus, and then Agave for a mexican dinner. I enjoyed our evening with the kids :)

Up next is our weekend in NOLA!


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  1. Ram loves crawfish too...haha. Looks like y'all had a nice trip home:)


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