Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pass, Set, Swing & Miss!

Actual date of this event: 5 June

Beginning Note: When it comes to volleyball terms, I despise the word "bump", and I despise the word "spike". So I use the phrase, "pass, set, hit/kill" rather than "bump, set, spike." I just cringed while typing those words.

In hopes of meeting some people in London, I searched online for some expat groups and activity groups. I came across a website called You may or may not have heard of this site... they apparently have activity groups all over the place (for example Houston). There is a chance that this site may be for losers, but let's face it, I am a loser with no friends within 500 miles of me. I believe I have a right to do an online search for friends. Anyway, I was searching on the site for volleyball groups. I came across two that interested me. One is located just half a mile from my house in Wimbledon and play on Monday evenings. The other is located a few miles away (requires me to take the tube two stops) in East Putney, is for people who are not beginners and who know how to play the game, and they play on Wednesday evenings.

I chose to attend the East Putney group last Wednesday. Going into it, I was worried that I was going to SUCK. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. My serving started out pretty well but then went totally downhill toward the end... in high school, my serving percentage was 99%, rarely did I miss a serve. My setting was pretty terrible as my fingers need to loosen up... in high school, I played opposite the setter, so I often had to set, and I wasn't too shabby. My passing was still pretty immaculate.. I am not ashamed to admit that I was and still am awesome at passing... cocky, much? Perhaps. My hitting was absolutely God awful! Apparently I have lost all coordination when it comes to hitting. My brain says "jump now" but apparently my "ups" aren't quite as "up" as they used to be... in high school, I placed the ball well, but was never a hard hitter. There was one time last Wednesday that I totally swung and missed. Like didn't even-touch-the-ball missed. I should have walked out right then and there, but I just hung my head down low and kept going. Saving the best for last, I got two blocks in the 3 matches we played. Wait, let me say that again, I blocked two MEN all by myself. Pretty sweet!!!!!

Just like the old days, I have battle wounds to show for my aggressive style of play. I do not like to let a ball hit the ground (as well as I do not like to pretend the volleyball is a soccer ball and use my feet which seems to be the thing here as football is THE sport), so I do quite a bit of diving and knee pounding. Scroll quick if you don't want to see pictures... just warning you...
two hours later
not even 12 hours later
5 days later - the ugly phase!
I am playing again tonight, so this bruise will just continue to get bigger and uglier... just like in high school, when this bruise stayed on my knee all year round for 6 years. Hopefully, soon, I will have my "ups" back. Wish me luck in that I don't swing and miss again!


  1. Knee pads, maybe? Or are those not cool anymore. Haha

    1. Even knee pads don't help because its the inside of my knee where knee pads don't cover. Trust me, I wore knee pads all throughout high school and still had the same bruise :-( Cool or not cool? Not sure.

  2. Bruises aside, that's awesome you joined a group that plays! Sounds like you will make new friends in no time:)


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