Thursday, September 11, 2014

Milos, Greece (Day 1)

Actual date of this event: 9 June

It's no secret that I have a "small" problem with the number of pictures I post. I can't help that Luke takes some pretty awesome pictures. Because of this, I must post each of our days in Milos separately. Sorry!
Many people take ferries all around Greece except for their initial arrival (usually to Athens). We opted against that because we wanted to make use of our time as best as possible, and flying really wasn't that much more expensive since we had carry-on baggage only (the key to budget traveling). We landed in Milos at 07:30, and it was an easy taxi ride to our hotel. We knew we couldn't check-in right away as it was so early, but we were able to place our bags in a hold room. It was actually a pretty cool morning (or maybe we had gotten used to the heat in Athens), so we decided to take a nap on the sunbeds for a few hours. I could already tell that Milos was a special place!

At around 9am, the pool bar opened and guests started arriving for breakfast. We got a coffee to get us moving for the day, but the peace on the beach made that difficult! Finally, we walked into town to take a look around and get some lunch.

After lunch we went back to the hotel to collect our room keys and determine the plans for the rest of the day. The balconies in our rooms had a small view of the water and were very quiet. I just love the colors! and again, so relaxing!
We determined our plans for the rest of the day, and the first task was to rent ATV's (aka quads aka 4-wheelers). The one Luke and I were on had some issues where it kept dying. As it was my first time on an ATV, I was beginning to worry that the Greek food had caught up to me and I was too much weight on the vehicle! We made do for the day with it though... and I continued to eat. We drove up and up and then went back down to the water to Klima (Milos is a lot of up and up and then back down). Klima is a small fishing village that felt deserted! It had cute little white homes with colorful accents.

Next, we went back up and up and reached Tripiti, which again seemed completely deserted. I guess some people probably don't like how quiet a place is, but I really enjoyed the peace of this island.

Afterward, we had intentions of visiting the Catacombs, but as it was Monday, it was closed. We planned to go back Tuesday, but forgot. While in the area, we checked out the ruins of the Amphitheater and came across the location of where the Venus de Milo was discovered... quite amazing that this famous piece of artwork only had a small sign noting its discovery.

We drove up and up again and into Plaka, which was a bit more lively, but still nothing compared to where our hotel was in Adamas. We sat for a drink in the heart of it all where we were four of about eight people in sight hah. Tripiti and Plaka were pretty close to exactly what I pictured in a Greek island town. I just loved this place!

It was beach time, so we headed to another small fishing village where the beach Firopotamos was located. There were only a few other people on the beach, and there was a small bar as well. Milos is full of beaches, but not all of them have facilities (bathrooms, bars, sunbeds, etc.), but that's what is special about it all. An absolutely beautiful beach all to yourself! Anyway, we played around in some ruins on the rocks by the fishermen's homes, and then laid on the beach for a bit. Luke and Eric reverted back to their childhood and collected rocks, then started throwing them in the water over and over again... sigh.

The sun was falling a bit too much, and we were getting a bit tired, so we headed back to Tripiti where we had spotted several areas for a good drink. We sat on a large balcony and watched the sunset. I just loved how the humidity from the water made everything a bit hazy as the sun went down. Again, there were only two other tables with people at them while we were there. Where are all of the people?!?! Missing out is where they are!

We drove back down to Adamas where we devised a plan for dinner. We were so exhausted from such an early morning that we just picked a place - Mikros Apoplous. It was 9pm when we sat down which meant it was dinner rush, so service was a little slow for our exhausted minds and bodies. The food was delicious, and this was where we had the best tzatziki during the whole trip (ahhhhh tzatziki!!!! ahhh!!!!). Due to the service, we were given two free beers which Luke and Eric struggled to get down - that is how tired they were! We had a full day of beach stopping on Tuesday, so we cranked up that a/c in the hotel room, and fell into a good snooze for the night.

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I love Milos. Did you know?

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