Monday, September 15, 2014

Milos, Greece: Sarakiniko Beach

Actual date of this event: 10 June

Right at this moment, Luke is saying, "Really, Debbie? A whole blog post on Sarakiniko. Really?!?" Yes, Luke, really! This was my absolute most favorite thing from our whole trip in Greece!
PLUS, I am the owner of Buisson International, so yes, a whole post. I do what I want! Right?
{Sarakiniko is in the background along the coast toward the left}
And technically, I am still going in order of what we did in Milos, so no worries!  Anyway, on Tuesday morning, we were all a little slow moving, but we were ready! Sorta, we had to swing by the ATV rental place to switch out our bum vehicle. Then we were off straight to Sarakiniko! I had no idea what to expect of it, I just knew it was the #2 attraction on Trip Advisor for all of Milos. (We unfortunately didn't have time to visit the #1, Kleftiko, as it required all day to visit.) After parking and walking and walking, down and down, I was completely blown away!

It was like walking on the moon, which is why the locals call it Lunar (apparently). There were huge cliffs which were very tempting to jump off, but signs gave warning for dangerous places, but other places were hot spots for cliff jumpers.

{photo by Eric Goins, don't worry, Luke didn't jump.}
Behind the beach were rows of caves in the rock. It is said that the first settlers of Milos came here - there are traces of civilization. The doors lead to pathways in the rock, so I am curious as to how long they have been there. 

We could also see a shipwreck around the corner from a cliff, but couldn't get a decent picture. The winds can be quite rough on this side of the island, but it was nice while we were there.

{photo by Eric Goins}

We got in the water for a swim at one point and paddled around a bit. Luke and Eric snorkeled and discovered the rocks at the edges were full of little creatures. This grossed me out when I had to climb on them to get out haha

{photo by Eric Goins}
As you see in the pictures, the actual beach is pretty small, but the place to lie is on the rock. We hung out for a bit, and I was really really comfortable.
We needed to move on though, because we had only accomplished one piece of our day. We had more beaches and more rock formations to see!

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Signs for beaches in Milos are fairly well-posted, although some are written only in Greek.

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