Monday, March 2, 2015

Dubrovnik, Croatia - Part 1

Actual date of this event: 30 August (but stayed until 2 September)

Around noon on Saturday, we departed Split via bus to head for Dubrovnik.
There are a few ways to get from one to the next (bus, fly, or boat), and we chose bus because it was cheap and took about 4.5 hours, as opposed to about 3 hours to do an expensive flight and 8 or so hours to go by boat. We got some nice views of the Croatian wine country and then coast.

But the coolest part of our journey between the two cities was we got to travel through Bosnia and Herzegovina (!) and we even got to step foot on the grounds! We did not however get any passport stamps, but that would have been a false stamp anyway. I was very worried prior to leaving on the bus that I would have to hold my bladder for the entire journey, but we actually stopped about once every hour which was nice, and we had the most time in Bosnia and Herzegovina (!).

When we arrived to Dubrovnik, our AirBnB hostess picked us up from the bus stop, which was so nice of her! I talked about our Dubrovnik apartment in a post a long long time ago, and after reviewing these pictures again, I still cannot believe how amazing it was! Totally worth all of those stairs down and back up each day! Anyway, We sorted out a plan for the afternoon while admiring the views.

We took those long steps down to go to the beach first. We laid around, did some awkward people watching, did a bit of swimming, and before we knew it, the sun began to disappear behind the old town. This is where we struggled a bit... we did our first hike back up the steps to our apartment. And since 500 steps wasn't enough work, we decided to carry an extra 20 pounds in the form of beer and water and other food items. That was no fun, but again totally worth it for the view we had!

Really, I cant get over the view! It was amazing. We cleaned up, had a few drinks, and watched the sun set.

And back down we went for dinner and some old town exploring.

The old town is really unique! I would put it along the same uniqueness as Venice. Venice has canals, and Dubrovnik has steps and some very very narrow alleys.
For dinner, we went to Lady Pi-Pi which was recommended to us. It was pretty tasty, not as cheap as Split, but still much cheaper than the UK. Of course, we ate way too much food. Again. I definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Dubrovnik though.

After dinner, we wandered around the old town. It is always interesting visiting these coastal towns because they are much quieter at night because the cruise ships depart in the evening. But since Dubrovnik is pretty popular in general, it was still pretty lively until late.

Dubrovnik has a unique bar, called Buza Bar, that sits in the rock of the walls and looks out over the sea. It wasn't the greatest place to visit at night as we couldn't see anything, so we had an overpriced drink (like British priced) and decided we would visit again the next day to get a better view.

We continued walking in the old town, and had a few more drinks before calling it a night.

After taking 500 steps back up the apartment, we had one last drink on our balcony before we finally said good night. There isn't much to do in Dubrovnik, but we were really enjoying it so far!

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The old city of Dubrovnik has 5,423 steps.
Dubrovnik was featured in Seasons 2 and 3 of Game of Thrones as the King's Landing.

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