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Dubrovnik, Croatia - Part 2

Actual date of this event: 31 August to 2 September

On Sunday morning, I woke up and decided to go to the parking lot just above our apartment to exercise. It was pretty difficult to be in a bad mood while kicking your own butt while staring at views like this:

Unbelievable! Luke and I sat on our balcony while drinking our coffee and eating our breakfast. We had a few different things we wanted to do in the city, so we headed down to the old town around noon to begin our day.

We walked just around the outside of the walls first while trying to stay cool in the shade. We love the sun but we also hate the sun.

{St. Luke's Church}

Heading into the walls, we visited a few of the sights and got a better a look in the daylight of all the things we saw the night before in the dark.

We headed over to Fort Lovrijenac which is outside of the city walls. There was only one other couple visiting while we were. It wasn't all that special but there was a terrific view of the old town from the top. Plus, we got to witness a secret area where people were paddle boating and swimming in the crystal clear water. That water is just beautiful!

We headed back into the old town and went to Prijeko Street for lunch. This street has several restaurants which all seem to have the same menu, mostly fish. Although there are umbrellas to protect its guests from the sun, the street is so narrow that barely any sun shines down on it anyway.
After lunch, we did some more wandering in parts we had not seen the night before. We took a different route and headed back to the Buza Bar in hopes of betters views of the ocean. Unfortunately, many other people had the same idea and it was jam packed! Just trying to get thru the one-person doorway in the rock was impossible, and no one wanted to take turns going in and out. We finally made it, but we didn't stay for long. There were a few groups of people jumping off the cliff into the water and other people sunbathing on the rock. I wish I would have been wearing my swim suit, but my non-exist ability to tread water would have been problematic.

Squeezing our way back out of Buza Bar, we stopped for a drink and visited a few more sights

Then it was time to climb and walk the city walls. There were a few entry and exit points of the wall for those who dont want to make the full loop, but we of course wanted to do the whole thing. Some parts were wide, and some parts were very narrow. Thankfully, everyone went the same direction. The entire loop was around 1.2 miles and took about 1.5 hours.

After the wall, we were pretty satisfied with seeing all of the sights in Dubrovnik, so it was time to relax for the evening. We spent the rest of the night, stopping for a few drinks, eating some gelato, and wandering the stairs and streets. We had made dinner reservations earlier in the day at Taj Mahal (traditional Bosnian food) which was really good, but we still ended up waiting about 20 minutes for our table. it was still enjoyable though.
We finished the night around 11:30pm with a night cap on our balcony. We had a surprise when we woke up on Monday morning. The weather was awful! It was down-pouring with rain, high winds, and our beautiful view was still beautiful but not as much so. We packed up our belongings since we were flying out that afternoon. There was no way we were going to make the hike back up to get our bags, so we took them with us to the old town. We went down in the middle of a rain break in search of some coffee. We still had a few hours before we needed to catch the bus to the airport, and in the meantime, it started to down-pour again, so we hid underneath a restaurant umbrella for about an hour drinking coffee. When the rain let up again, we headed for the bus stop. We arrived to the bus stop about 30 minutes before our bus arrived, and were able to get a seat underneath the overhang when the rain started again.
As if this story isn't long enough already, we had a long day at the airport. Due to weather, which got worse as time went on, our flight was delayed five hours before EasyJet announced that our plane was stuck in Split (after getting struck by lightening on its way from Gatwick) for the night. So at 10pm, everyone on our flight was bussed to a hotel for the night. We woke up to a beautiful day as if this squall never happened. We piled our plates at the breakfast buffet before being bussed back to the airport for our flights at noon. Out of all of our travels, we have never had an issue like that. The craziest thing about it all was that EasyJet paid for every single thing of our detour - the hotel which was really really nice, the breakfast buffet, the bus rides, and a few snacks while we waited in the airport during our delay. So as much as everyone likes to complain about EasyJet, they can be a great airline! Too bad we couldn't enjoy our balcony for long at our free hotel stay!
Anyway, we said our good-byes to Croatia which was oh so difficult to do! We absolutely LOVED Croatia. What an amazing country with so much to offer! We are really trying to find a way to get back this year, and I really hope we do. We loved everything about it!

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Dubrovnik Old City is fully pedestrianized and there are three entrances into the walls. (Due to now vehicles allowed, we saw many people lugging their big suitcases up and down the steps into the city.)

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