Monday, September 17, 2012

Feeling More At Home

Since arriving in Aberdeen, I feel that things have been moving in slow motion. There are many speed bumps you encounter when moving to a new country that hold you back from living your life the way you would really like. Today I feel more at home since leaving my old home in Covington. Here is why:

1.) About two weeks ago, the cable guy came to the house to set up our Sky box (like DirectTV for the UK). At that time, we were unable to actually watch any TV because our TV from the States used a different signal (or something like that). We had to order a converter to be able to watch TV. When we got home from Glasgow last Monday, we had a note from Royal Mail saying that we had a package waiting for us at the warehouse. It was our PAL to NTCS converter! As of last Monday night, we can now watch TV!

Transformer to have the correct volts to use the TV
PAL to NTCS converter

2.) On Tuesday, we got internet! Enough said.

3.) On Wednesday, I forced myself to drive Luke to work, so I could have the car for the day. This means I finally drove alone in the vehicle. I started off a little off balance (by accidentally driving on the wrong side of the road, but I blame it on Luke for parking on the wrong side of the road, plus it was 7am). I picked up Laine (Happy Birthday to her today!) and we went to the first AWA meeting of the year. I had Luke's debit card, so I was able to go to the grocery store and browse around and buy what I wanted without feeling limited. I think I was ready to drive a few weeks ago, I was just very nervous to it.

4.) On Friday, I went for the longest jog to date - 7.1 miles! That is more than half of a half marathon!

This is the map for my jog.
I only mapped half because I around and go back the same way.
5.) And when I got back from my half-half marathon on Friday, my debit card was waiting for me at the door! So, some of you are thinking, "debit card, whoop de-doo!" Y'all don't understand. I. Had. No. Money. No way to access money other than to ask my husband for it. Understand now? It took 7 weeks for my debit card to arrive. It was a long 7 weeks. Now, I can officially buy things on my terms!

6.) I can cook. Sorta. One of the difficult parts to living in a temporary space and/or not being able to drive and/or not having a debit card to buy things is it limits your ability to cook which apparently is my job now that I am a housewife, I mean 'Lady of Leisure'. I had a wild hair on Saturday morning and cooked Chorizo Omelets. Never cooked Chorizo before, so it was a first, and it was yummy. Then on Sunday, I cooked some Indian food. I have only had Indian food one other time and that was just a few weeks ago. I had purchased some sauces from the store, and it was delicious! My folks WILL be having some of this when they come to visit!

Left: Chicken Korma
Right: Chicken with Thai Green Curry
7.) Yesterday, Sunday, Luke and I spent the day trying to get our house "together". We finally purchased Super King bedding, so we finally slept in the actual master bedroom last night. We hung pictures on the walls (most of them at least). We also organized the loft. Even though, it is not our home and we cannot do with what we please with it, the space feels more like our home than before.

The Loft.
We switched the furniture around since we wont be using that  bed.
Stairs come up on the right.
Our super not matchy master bedroom with a Super King bed.
Guest Bedroom 1: Blue/Black room
Guest Bedroom 2: Red room
8.) Today, like I said earlier, it is Laine's birthday. And she has chosen for the girls to have High Tea together at the Marcliffe. I'll be honest here, I am American, so I dont know what High Tea is. But it sounds fabulous! And after doing that, I may find myself beginning to talk like the British. How more at home can I be when I am doing things that the British do?

High Tea?
What I am hoping High Tea will be like!
So what is left? A 21st century cell phone is what's left. And apparently, I have to wait until the iPhone 5 comes out. And apparently, I needed to pre-order that baby. And apparently, I may still have to wait a few weeks. Bummer! But at least I have a debit card and internet and can drive! (to learn about Britain's iPhone 5, click here)

My American drivers license is good for up to one year in the UK.



  1. You did a great job driving. And congrats on the 7.1 mile run! Scotland is a great place for long distance running. See you soon for high tea!

  2. Glad you got your house in order, but we missed y'all last night!

  3. Yay for feeling at home! I am expecting to hear you speak in a British accent next time I see you especially since High Tea looked exactly like your pictures ;-)


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