Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tea & Gardens

Actual date of this event: 17 & 18 Sep

On Monday, I had blogged about us going to High Tea for Laine's birthday. High Tea consisted of a sandwich with a variety of treats. We each got tea, but there was also the option of coffee and champagne. It was a very girly thing to do! We did not dress up in what I imagined we should wear, but we easily could have. Except for that fact that this is Scotland and it is cold here. No cute sundresses for these ladies!

Egg Mayo sandwich

On Tuesday, it was the first AWA Discover Aberdeen event of the "year". DA is an activity group of the association that meets about twice a month to visit a hidden gem of Aberdeenshire. We visited Pitmedden Gardens located in Pitmedden which was about 45 minutes away from the city of Aberdeen. I decided to drive our group since they have so kindly driven me around everywhere so far. I was proud to reciprocate!

AWA Discover Aberdeen group

borders of the gardens

Can you see the 1675 carved into the gardens?

Garden Sundial
1.) Stand on the Month it is
2.) And your shadow tells you the time.
It worked! Sorta.
Wall of Pears
Wall of Apples
We went crazy taking pictures of flowers in the area

Scotland's flower: Thistle

Blooming artichoke? We couldn't decide.
Photo challenge of the day: Take a picture of a flower with a bee on it.

It was raining pretty good for this pic.
Super cool area of the gardens. Protected us from rain.
Farming Museum
The next Discover Aberdeen will be on October 2nd which will be a Castlegate Tour of Aberdeen. Julie will be in town and I am hoping we will both be able to attend.

The house and garden of Pitmedden were established is 1675, but the original garden was destroyed by a fire in 1818.


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  1. So proud of you for driving all the way to Pitmidden! You're way more advanced than I was at this stage:)


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