Monday, November 5, 2012

16 days & 16 nights: Bavaria

Actual date of this event: 19 October to 4 November

For the past 16 days, Luke and I have been out of Scotland and exploring the general area of Bavaria. We actually started in Bohemia, but I will be honest, does anyone really know the difference? I am sure a local to one of those places is furious with me for saying that right now. Oh well!

We. Did. So. Much. It was fun, exhausting, exciting, informative, and in some parts, it could have been better. Overall, it was one of the most terrific experiences I have ever had. We took over 2,500 pictures between the two of us. I am unsure of how I will tell you about each experience because I have so much to say. What we did. What we saw. What we toured. Where we walked. What we ate. What we drank. What was a favorite. What could have been changed. How I managed with one backpack. What a hostel was like. How we communicated with the locals. How managed without a washing machine. How I exercised. How did we travel from one place to another. Again, so much to say! So until I decide, I will leave you with a few pictures with a few comments of each day.

October 19 - Prague, Czech Republic (actually considered Bohemia)
Wish we would have know that we wouldn't see the sun again for 6 days.

Old Town Square
October 20 - Prague, Czech Republic (actually considered Bohemia)
Our apartment was just around the corner from the busiest foot bridge in the city.

Charles Bridge
October 21 - Prague, Czech Republic (actually considered Bohemia)
Fog is apparently normal in Late October. Wish we would have know that!

View of the City from the Powder Tower
October 22 - Munich, Germany
In Munich, we ate tons of pretzels and had many Liters of beer.

October 23 - Munich, Germany
The Englischer Garten is larger than New York's Central Park.

Walking through part of the Englischer Garten
October 24 - Andechs, Germany
We hiked over 3 miles through the forest to visit this little place where monks brew their own beer.

Andechs Monastery
October 25 - Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
We have sun again! For one day.
October 26 - Hohenschwangau, Germany
Apparently one amazing castle, but it was so foggy that we could barely see it.

Neuschwanstein Castle
October 27 - Innsbruck, Austria
Innsbruck is a super cute little town, but we had horrible rainy weather while visiting.

a truly green river
October 28 - Salzburg, Austria
We left GP in the snow, took a train ride through the snow, and arrived in a snowy Salzburg.

Train Ride
October 29 - Salzburg, Austria
The rooftops were covered in snow which enhanced the wonderfulness of Salzburg.

View of the city at the start of a hike to the castle
October 30 - Vienna, Austria
We climbed 343 steps to get this view.

View of the city from the St Stephen's Cathedral tower
October 31 - Vienna, Austria
We walked along one side of the grounds of Belvedere Palace which is approx 1 mile long.
Belvedere Palace
November 1 - Bratislava, Slovakia
Half-liter beers cost less than $2 in this town!

Small town
November 2 - Zurich, Switzerland
It is getting warmer and the sun is out!

View of Old Town
November 3 - Zurich, Switzerland
Zurich has mountain views, a lake to hang out by, shopping, public transportation, and a high cost of living.

View of the Alps from Uetliberg Hill
November 4 - arrived back home

Stay tuned for probably way more information than you would like to know about our European Tour!

We only went through customs twice - both times during our layover in Frankfurt, Germany.



  1. can't wait to hear all the details!

  2. 1. That picture of Englischer Garten is NOT Englischer Garten. It's of Hofgarten.

    2. We went through customs in Aberdeen when we got back.

  3. Welcome back! can't wait to hear about your trip =) Great pictures!


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