Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Europe 1.02 - Munich, Germany

Actual date of this event: 22-25 October

Luke and I left Prague at 9am and ended up having a longer train ride than expected. Each stop we made took at least 10 minutes. It was very frustrating since it was a long train ride in the first place and we were ready to meet up with Dave, Jen, Marie (Jen's mom) and Mike (Jen's dad). When we got off the train, we noticed that our train had grown since we got on. Apparently, cars were getting attached in the front and back every time we stopped.

Luke and I went to the hotel where we were all staying. Jen had found a place for all six of us to stay and we each had our own room. We stayed at Ghotel located at Landwehrstraße 77 which was about a mile from the city center. Each room had a kitchenette with a refrigerator and two electric stove top burners. Each bathroom had a towel warmer which was nice because it helped dry our clothes quicker after hand washing them.

Once we dropped our bags in our hotel, we had to figure out where the rest of the crew was. Luke and I did not have cell phones to use to call them, but luckily, they left a note for us at the front desk telling us where to go... along with a map of the city. Since, neither of us had data plans, we could not use the trusty smart phones to tell us where to go. Back to the old days of paper maps!

We went around the corner to a restaurant where the crew had grabbed a bite to eat and a few drinks. We had a drink, went back to the hotel to freshen up before heading out for the night in Munich. First stop, Hofbrauhaus which is the world's most famous bier garten.

Marienplatz, at night
The bier garten has three levels.
This is about when I started drinking dark beer... or in German, dunkel.
4 Liters down!
Luke and I were okay, but the rest were still re-cooperating from a long journey from the States, so we headed back to the hotel for the night.

On Tuesday, we woke up looking for breakfast and coffee! None of us was able to function without the coffee, so we went to a cafe and then realized that we had no plans for the day. So with coffee in hand, we went back to the hotel to determine the game plan.

We walked toward the Isar River exploring some sights along the way. Munich does not have a whole lot of sights to see, but it was enough. The city is more about beer than anything else. 

Munich Frauenkirche - Cathedral of Our Dear Lady
Theatinerkirche - The Theatine Church of St. Cajetan
Feldherrnhalle - Field's Marshalls' Hall

We walked through Hofgarten and enjoyed the colorful trees.

We stopped for a drink trying to decide what we wanted to do for lunch... and then walked along the river for a while.

Love locks in Munich

For lunch, we ended up going to Nürnberger Bratwurst Glöckl Am Dom which was one of the better meals we had all trip.

And then we walked to and through the Englischer Garten for beer.

Left: I was VERY excited about pretzels!
Right: In the summer months, a gate is opened and people will surf on the water.
What is the best way to find beer?

larger than Central Park in New York
extremely large bier garten in the middle of the park
Dave and Jen with beer!
The night before we had walked through Marienplatz, but it was dark, so we decided to do that again.

We had a few drinks at a few different places before finding our dinner spot.

According to trip advisor and a local, we needed to go to Augustiner Keller. It was a great place to eat with some wonderful food!

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel for some drinks in the room. We had one more day before our departure, so we needed a plan for Wednesday. We decided to take the 9:30am train for our day trip... Next up, Andechs Monastery.

Why do I love Munich? It is a very casual city which has quick train access to many different towns. 

What surprised me about Munich? I think of Munich as a "man's" town because of all the beer drinking, but it actually has tons of shopping! And it was not super touristy like I expected.

Exchange rate during out visit: 1 Euro = $1.29

Oktoberfest is a 16-day festival which begins at the end of September and ends in early October. It is not during the whole month of October which is what one (me) would think.


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