Friday, July 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Pops!

Happy Birthday, Dad!!!
This time last year, we were celebrating your birthday just a few days before my departure to the United Kingdom. It seems like soooo long ago! But not as long as you are.... young :)

It all started with this guy right here... Grandpa Buzz.
Becca, Grandpa, me
And then many many many years later, we ran across a problem where we were all stuck behind a Christmas tree.
me, Dad, Becca
And then, we all moved to Houston and started taking these family pictures at church every year.
Dad, Mom, Becca in blue, me in pink - awesome hair and awesome clothes!
And then many years later, we took a family picture at Christmas which we don't do very often.
Dad, Mom, Becca, Me
And then it was party time in Mexico!!! And we swam in the really cold cenotes. 
And then a few months later you became a grandpa. And a few years later, that grandson of yours helped you blow out your 60th birthday candles.
And then last October, you tried to sneak your way into the Members Only Club at St. Andrews.
And a few days later, you had a wee dram at the Glenfiddich Distillery... which you choked down.
Overall, I'd say you have had some great times in your life! Or at least the ones I can recall :)
Outside of Edinburgh Castle - Dad, Mom, me, Luke
T Minus Less-Than-One-Month until you come to the land of Ales!!!!
See you then :)


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