Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Worthless Appliance!

Combination Washer-Dryer = Most Inefficient Appliance EVAR!
Waste of electricity.
Waste of water.
Waste of time.
And it makes your clothes crunchy. Even when using softener.

Yesterday, I dried my clothes for 270 minutes (4 hours and 30 minutes)... you know the usual amount of time to dry a load small load. I opened the door and THE CLOTHES ARE STILL NOT DRY

Double-U. Tee. Eff. 

Let's look at the bright side here... It could be the washing aspect of the combo that isn't working.
But when I really think about it, I can't decide which is worse.


  1. I completely understand...it sucks...bad! Good luck!

  2. Yikes! I found your blog through The Aberdeen Wife and have been reading because my family and I are moving to Aberdeen in about 5 weeks. In advance of our arrival, a combination washer dryer is being installed in the house we are renting (at our own expense). It is going to cost about 500 pounds in total which is a lot of money! It is a Honeywell brand and is supposed to have an 8KG wash capacity and 6KG dry capacity. I am HOPING that you have a different model and that ours might actually work? I am freaking out about the changes in the whole laundry thing moving from North America.

    1. Hi Andrea, congratulations on your relocation! Scotland is absolutely beautiful!! I am so sorry you had to read my negative rant today! I don't mean to scare you :-( A combo is not ideal compared to the American appliances, but it is definitely much more compact. In these smaller homes (like I have), there really is no other option. I have learned to manage with a combo (which I never thought I would be able to manage), so it hasn't been all that bad. It was a change going from the American size separate washers and dryers, and it was a change to the combo, but I have gotten over it. It does take much longer to wash and dry, but as long as you stay on top of the timing (I constantly have timers running for my loads so I don't accidentally forget), you will be just fine - you just may never have a day that you DONT do laundry unfortunately. Please let me know if you have any questions about relocating!! I wish you the best of luck!

  3. Yeah those combo's just don't work right. We have a separate washer and dryer. I took out the dishwasher just so I could have a dryer. Best decision ever. I could never go back.

    1. That's a smart idea! It sure would be nice if I could do that. Landlord wouldn't even put a shower head in our second bathroom (I still don't understand why someone wouldn't want to improve which is what a second one would do), and also because our dishwasher space is itty bitty since we have one of those half sized ones.
      Thankfully it got fixed today! I refused to washed the towels as I would have had to hang dry them which would result in crunchy towels. No.Thank.You.


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