Friday, October 11, 2013

True or False?

I thought it would be fun to play a little game today!
Below is a list of random things. Which are true and which are false?
{That's my cursive/script/joined up (British term) writing. Not so pretty.}
A.) I haven't groomed my eyebrows in five months.
B.) I will still use milk if it is past its expiration date.
C.) I go jogging in the morning without brushing my teeth first.
D.) Sometimes, I forget that bathroom light switches are on the outside of the room.
E.) My morning routine is: jog, shower, grocery store.
F.) I have to think about how to say the word advertisement before I actually say it.
G.) I try to spell words the British way to assimilate to the culture.
H.) I have never taken a trip on an airplane by myself.

Do you know which are true and which are false?  

Let's see how you did...
A.) True. The last time I even touched my eyebrows was May 1, and I remember that day because it was the day before we went back to the States. Since then, I honestly have not cared what they look like. It's such a pain to manage, and it's a pain to find someone you trust to do them without waxing off half of your eyebrow --> it happened to me. 
B.) False. If a food item has expired, I don't touch it. It drives Luke crazy! He says spoiled food only makes you stronger. 
C.) True and False. Sometimes I do this. If I go jog before I drink my coffee, then yeah, what's the point of brushing my teeth? Plus, I think it keeps the snatchers away. I mean, who wants to snatch a girl who hasn't brushed her teeth? 
D.) True. You would think that after a year, I would remember where light switches are. I blame it on the fact that I lose practice when we travel. 
E.) False. My routine does consist of jogging and showering and grocery storing, but that's not the order in which I do them. I have to get the jogging out of the way in the morning or else I won't go. And there is no point in me showering just yet because I have to walk to the grocery store. I always end up getting stinky again, so I always shower after the grocery store. Sadly, I am still not the smelliest person in the grocery store. 
F.) True. Ad-VERT-iss-ment. This is the only word that trips me up when it comes to the American-English vs. British-English. I think it actually started when I heard Obama say it that way years ago, and now that the British say it that way, I can't get it out of my head. 
G.) False. I try to continue spelling things the American way, unless it is a name. If I ever spell things the British way, it was a mistake. Words like centre and theatre always get me! 
H.) True. That will change this weekend! I am leaving for Aberdeen tomorrow morning... alone... and flying... alone... to go visit my friends that I miss dearly. Yay!

What random truth would you like share with the blogoworld?

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