Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Funny Moment: Happy-Halloween-No

Actual date of this event: Halloween 2013

I quite often have moments where I start cracking up laughing, and Luke just stares at me because nothing funny happened. Well, in my head, I am remembering a really funny incident that occurred previously during our time together. I have loads of these stories, but Luke doesn't think half of them are funny (grumpy old men)! But for me, just thinking about it puts me over the edge into a 5 minute giggle session! That happens to you, right? I have decided I am going to start documenting these moments because they are too funny to forget! But they might be a "you-had-to-be-there" kind of thing.

The One with Happy-Halloween-No

I'd say Berlin has been one of the toughest cities to communicate in so far. It really wasn't bad at all, but we did come across quite a few people who didn't speak one bit of English... or so they claim. 

Luke and I made a stop at the market to pick up a snack and beer pretty much every night of our trip. We usually had the same cashier guy, and he didn't speak any English - I will call him Guy. Clearly, we did not speak German because we did not say anything to Guy except "hallo" and "danke". 

While gathering our bags on Halloween night, Guy said something to Luke. I couldn't hear what was said because I was a bit farther away, but I heard Luke respond with a very firm, "No." Sadness struck Guy's face, then his head fell down in shame as if he just got denied by a chick. As we walked away, I asked Luke what Guy said, and Luke said he had no idea! So I was all, "Luke, what if he was telling you 'Happy Halloween', and your response is 'No!'??!!!! Poor Guy!!" Then we started coming up with other funny things that Guy could have said where a response of "No" would have caused Guy's reaction. Hilarious!

So we remember this story as the "Happy-Halloween-No!" story. And I giggle about this all.the.time :-) Poor Guy! But thanks to him because we now have a funny story to tell!

RANDOM FACT (according to Google Translate):
Happy in German is gl├╝cklich.
Halloween in German is Halloween.
Happy Halloween in German is Happy Halloween.
[if these are incorrect, please correct me :-)]

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