Friday, February 28, 2014

The Town of Guildford in Surrey, England

Actual date of this event: 16 February

It was a beautiful Sunday, and rather than sitting inside and doing taxes (that would be Luke) or watching someone do taxes (that would be Debbie), we decided to make a visit to Guildfold. The town is located in the county of Surrey and about 45 minutes from our home. After a pass by Luke's office (which I had never seen before) and some slight car nausea (always on the way, never on the way back), we arrived in Guildford.
As beautiful of a day it was, I had a major first world problem going on...
{yep, I created that meme because it was tooooooo perfect to not create one}
The town is really nice, and I didn't know what to expect. Surrey is quite hilly, so the streets of Guildford go up and down a bit. The High Street and all of the little streets off of it are cobblestone and pedestrian only. It seemed that quite a few people had the same idea as us - enjoy the sun! I got a kick out of some of these stores... you know, an American-expat-jump-for-joy kinda kick!

{coming soon......}
We wandered toward the river, and the city was/is preparing for any possible flooding that may happen. Luke and I are lucky we don't live near the river - it is amazing how much damage has been caused by flooding recently!
We also checked out the Guildford Castle, which isn't much itself, but the grounds were stunning! The property was landscaped so beautifully with bloomed flowers and extremely green grass. I have never seen such well-kept grounds during the month of February. I am sure the bright sun helped it shine!

We ended our time in Guildford sitting on an outdoor terrace at The Kings Head for a little while to enjoy the weather. I had myself some fish & chips and an ale... as Luke watched me eat it all.
We debated on going to visit the Guildford Cathedral which required us to drive there because it is a bit farther away, but we decided against it. The cathedral is set high up on a hill and we could see it from where we parked. It looked huge!
So we didn't see everything, but from what we saw, Guildford is a nice little place!

Guildford is 27 miles southwest of London.

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