Wednesday, April 16, 2014

An Anniversary & An Update

We had an anniversary last week.
On April 7, 2013, we arrived to London!
To celebrate the occasion, I had a grand plan for Luke to make his first ever blog appearance. How exciting! I conducted an interview asking about his favorites and dislikes and more, but his answers were either lame or inappropriate, therefore, I am not sharing it with you. You can blame Luke for being forced to read my ramblings rather than, what should have been, a hilarious introduction to the man behind the camera.
Anyway, it has been a year now, and it is cuh-razay how fast a year goes by. But at the same time, I am very well aware of this year passing by since our visas expire next year. It puts a damper in my mood each time we enter the UK after our travels, and we have to note on our landing cards how much longer we will be in the UK - today, that number is 14 months. Ohnoz! Now that number could very well be longer, but it all depends on what the big guys at Luke's company tell him to do. Or if Luke really wanted to, he could put his foot down like a child and say "No! I am not leaving!" but that's inadvisable. So, we could be leaving OR we could be renewing and staying. When will we find out which it is? I have absolutely no clue, but definitely before June 2015.
So how have I adjusted to life in Britain?
- I have learned to use the term "trousers" at the dry cleaning, but still use the term "pants" in all other places. -- I have not learned to wear a winter coat when it is 60*F outside like the rest of Britons. -- I have not learned to use Celsius instead of Fahrenheit. -- I have learned that even when I say the words "I have a swipe card" when paying for things with a credit card, cashiers do not listen to the words coming out of my mouth causing me to repeat the phrase. -- I have also learned that cashiers sometimes look at my swipe card as if it a magic device. -- Clearly I have learned that a credit card is called a swipe card as I just used the phrase above without even thinking twice. -- I have not learned to use the word "learnt", although the other day I did use the word "dreamt". It was much easier to say. You should try it. -- I still sometimes forget that chips are not actually chips. -- I get really really confused while traveling in Europe because the cars aren't driving on the left side of the road. -- I have not accepted the idea of small plate sizes at restaurants. -- I have learned that I am not so much a fan of Coors Light, Michelob Ultra, Miller Lite, Bud Light, etc. anymore which puts me in the beer snob category. -- I still use American deodorant. It's best for all that I have not given in to the British kind. -- I have learned to stop everything and go outside when the sun is shining. -- I still carry identification with me wherever I go, even though I rarely get carded for buying alcohol.

As for Luke, he still has not learned to drink tea. And the ONLY coffee he will drink is filter/drip or Americano, and it MUST have Splenda or Sweet-n-Low or else no coffee at all.

(This may sound obvious to some but it is not to all)
While using escalators in London (and many other places actually), the rule is to stand on the right side and walk on the left side. Those who do not follow this rule get plowed over or yelled at.

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