Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Exciting News!

I have some very exciting news that might make you want to open a bottle of bubbly in celebration!

No, I am not pregnant. Bahahaha :-/ nice try wishing though.

No, we are not moving. It's frightening even saying the word "moving". Eeeeekk.

But yes, we did get a new combo washer/dryer! Pop that cork! Or did I just lose you and you are now moving on to a more interesting webpage? :-)

For those of you that are interested... after four weeks (technically two and a half as we were in the US for one and a half) of patiently waiting for our landlord to either fix the piece of crap that once again wasn't drying or replace the whole unit (I went old school up in here with clothes hanging everywhere and delightfully crunchy towels, shirts and underwear), we got a new machine! And it works pretty darn well! I take back some of the whining I have previously done about these inefficient appliances. I only take back some because 1 hour and 51 minutes to wash one load (still technically half of a load though) of clothes and another two hours to dry is still not economically or energy efficient. But the dryer on this machine is so much better than the other machine! It has a defluffer program, so after 10 drying cycles, the program forces me to run a defluffer cycle to get rid of any bits that could cause blockage. Yesterday, if I wanted to, I could have completed three loads of laundry. THREE!! Maybe even four? That would have broken the record for this household! 

Now, what's left for me to complain about in the UK?

In the UK, temperatures are measured in Celsius, not Fahrenheit. 
Food and drinks are measured in grams and liters, not ounces or fluid ounces. 
Most of the time, people discuss distances in meters, not yards or feet. 
The speed limit is enforced/displayed in miles per hour, not kilometers per hour. 
Totally makes sense, yeah?

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