Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Crawfish: One Last Time

Last time I wrote, I had said I was spending time with the family and playing with the kids. Not much has changed. When I talk to Luke each night, he asks what I have done that day. My answer is "play". Although it sounds like not a whole lot, it certainly is. I have to keep up with Cooper's 4 year old imaginatio of being a momma and baby whale eating fish, and then not even two minutes later we are using brooms to dig out dirt because we are trapped in a secret room. I hope that Skype can keep me up to date on these little things you don't see when living far away from your niece and nephew.

Special treat from Auntie Debbie :-)
They LOVE Nala!
Zoey is pretty good at doing the splits. Gymnast? I think so!

Zoey shares the rocking horse with me.
Playing on the treadmill.

Doing the chicken dance.

When Becca and Eric came to New Orleans, we gave them most of our freezer and refrigerator food to take back with them. One thing they received was crawfish that Luke and I saved for whatever. On Sunday, I was put in charge of cooking lunch after the rest of the family went to church. I was debating between Crawfish Étouffée and Crawfish Fettuccini. I went with the Fettuccini (http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/emeril-lagasse/crawfish-fettuccini-recipe/index.html) so the kids would be able to eat some. I did not add in the spices so it wouldn't be too powerful which worked out nice since the crawfish already had an excellent flavor (thanks to my hubby for his delicious boil). Cooper liked the noodles but "said" he didn't like the crawfish. I am not sure I believe him... there wasn't too much whining about it being yucky. Zoey on the other hand could not get enough! She loved the noodles and finally we gave her some crawfish and she thought it was heavenly! She kept asking for more. That little girl is an eater!

Yesterday, I invited Michaela, Tammy and their baby boys over to Becca's to have a play date. The weather was perfect so we got to swim for the first time in over a week. I hadn't seen any friends since I arrived in Houston, so it was nice to have some fresh faces. I had not seen Tammy since her wedding two years ago, so it was great to see her. Bennett and Landon are close in age but two completely different little boys. Both of them are so sweet and precious. I am thankful they came to see me since I usually drive all over Houston to see my friends each time I am in town. Thank you ladies!


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