Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Goodbye Albasha

On Friday, the movers showed up to pack the house. We were told they would show up between 8 and 10. Given that I have not been sleeping very well, I was very unpleasant on Friday morning... Wondering at 7:59am, while waiting for them to show up, if they were going to arrive in one minute or 2hr and 1min. I am usually a cheerful morning person, but I was not happy when the three guys showed up at 9am. I guess it could have been worse.

Since Luke and I tried to do some preorganizing, it did not take long for them get started. By noon, they were about 75% done with the inside. Since, I ate breakfast at 7am, I kept waiting and waiting for them to stop for lunch. I was wrong about that and my stomach could not take it any longer. We had very few things to eat from our refrigerator, and the best choice was handfuls of shredded mozzarella cheese. Or a beer. I chose cheese because it would be wrong to sit and drink beer while other people did my dirty work. Good thing I ate something because they never stopped for a lunch break!

We also had two more guys show up to crate our pictures and TV. ONE guy handled our TV and I don't think I took a breath during that 20sec of him moving it from one area of the room to another. After noticing I wasn't breathing, I felt it would be best if I left the room.

Both teams of movers finished for the day around 4pm. Even though I did not pack a single box, it really was an exhausting day. I had to be on the constant look out to make sure things were getting boxed and labeled correctly. Obviously, I didn't do the best job because a few things got packed wrong. Pray everything goes to the right location!

We could not take candles with us. We didnt realize how many candles we owned until they were all in one area.
For third time, made a donation pile. One of the movers took everything from the pile, but these guys.

Over the weekend, Becca and Eric came to NOLA to hang out with us one last time in The Big Easy. Let's give a shout out to Priceline for giving us two rooms at the JW Marriott for $80 each. Holla! The four of us plus other friends (Reed, Stephanie, Mark, Chris, Jay, Beth, Paul, Dave and Jen) hung out in our usual New Orleans hang outs for two nights. Still getting very little sleep, but at least I got to jog both Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday night, we had a quadruple date with the Rossignols, Carroll's and Venezia's at The Chimes for dinner. They gave me a gift that 'I would never buy myself', some Ugg gloves. I love them and plan to wear them on the plane!

Kelly, me, Jessica, Donna at The Chimes in Covington
My new Ugg Gloves!

Monday, the movers gave us a better idea of their arrival time so we got to sleep in a few more minutes. I think the movers were hurting more than we were because they kept saying, "I think I partied a little too hard this weekend." I kept my eye on one guy because he kept moving things to weird places in the house that later was going to get packed wrong. Let's just say that on Friday there was method to the madness. Monday, there was very little method.

Luke and I had nothing to do last night, so we got in a good jog before we crashed for the night. This morning, the movers beat us to our house. I guess they were feeling much better today than yesterday morning. They quickly moved things out of the bedrooms so I could vacuum the carpet. I would be surprised if the new homeowners kept that carpet - its just not nice looking anymore. A large silver crate showed up for our sea shipment. Those three men that packed up our house put our boxes and furniture into that crate like a 3D tetris puzzle. I mean there was no empty space for even a pencil... I was very impressed. Speaking of impressed, those men had some great manners and they worked nonstop on their feet for six hours straight. My back would not be able to handle that kind of work.

Boxes for Sea Shipment
Boxes for Storage
Empty Kitchen
Empty Living Room
Our first home together
See ya in Aberdeen Sea Shipment!
See ya in a couple year Storage stuff!
By 1pm today, both the storage shipment and sea shipment trucks were on their way. We watched the sea crate get sealed so we will know if someone has tampered with it along its journey. We have not yet said goodbye to our home since we will go back tomorrow to pick up two suitcases and a few things to take to our family. It is our last night in Covington, so of course our last meal was our favorite while living here: Albasha. We will miss you Albasha... You have kept us happy!


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