Monday, March 10, 2014

Funny Moment: The Party Starts at Midnight

Actual date of this event: Early January 2014

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The One Where The Party Starts at Midnight

Skiing is hard hard work! It is exhausting, so there is no better way to relax than a few drinks, right? And skiing with a hangover really isn't the most fun experience, so during our ski trips, Luke and I try to keep our nights kinda early. All right, I will admit we keep our nights pretty early everynight.

During our ski trip in St. Anton am Arlberg, Luke and I would go for a few drinks before dinner. St. Anton is a party town with quite a few groups of guys for stag-do's (aka bachelor parties). The ratio of guys to girls was like ten to one. Skiing six hours on the mountain wiped us out, so after dinner was usually ball game for us. Anyway, at one of the bars, we had an interesting, but mostly sad, conversation with an Australian barkeep.

Bar-Girl: "So, have you guys had any wild nights out yet?"
Luke and me: "No, not really."
Bar-Girl: "Well when is your last night? You have to go hard for your last night."
Luke: "Friday."
Bar-Girl: "Well, you have to go to Kandahar! Everyone goes to Kandahar. But don't go there until 2!"
Luke and me: "Oh. Okay." but inside our heads we're thinking, "2am!!?? What!!!!?"
Bar-Girl: "Before that, go to Bobo's, but don't go there until mid-night. It doesn't really getting started until then."
Luke and me: "Oh, okay." but inside our heads we're thinking, "Mid-night!!?? What!!???"
Luke, trying to play it cool: "So where are the good places to go before Bobo's?"
Then she lists a few places, but wasn't as enthusiastic about those. Apparently it's not cool to party before midnight.

We. Are. Officially. Old.
But hey! She obviously thought we looked young and could hang, so that's good!
Or maybe it's a trick that young people play on old people now.

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