Friday, March 7, 2014

Sun is Shining!

Actual date of this event: 22 February

We were blessed with super sun and a perfect temperature - around 55*F - on a Saturday!! It has been a long time since we have had such a thing, so Luke and I took action!
Our day began in Greenwich since Luke had only been once before back in June.
{The Cutty Sark ship}
We checked out the market which was unbelievably packed, but it is a pretty awesome market! We found raclette which we only thought we could get at Borough Market -- +1 for Greenwich market! They also had Halloumi -- +2 for Greenwich market! And the non-food market part had all kinds of neat stuff that we actually wanted to buy which rarely happens -- +3 for Greenwich market! Apparently, we visited the market the first time we went to Greenwich, but I don't remember that.

After the market, we climbed up the hill because the views are way too amazing to skip especially on such a terrific day! It was really crowded, so we just snapped a few photos then went back down.

Since it was a wonderful day, we decided to try out a few pubs that I had heard were fantastic, and they happen to be along the river. Perfect plan! We headed to the northside of the river by way the DLR.
We started at The Grapes which is apparently the place where Charles Dickens sat and wrote Great Expectations. Or that's what I was told. The current building of The Grapes was built in 1720, and survived the Blitz during the Second World War.

The next place was The Narrow, which was not quite a pub, it was more of a restaurant. And boy did that food smell delicious! We sat at the bar and had a pint and some chorizo.
The third place was The Prospect of Whitby, which is one of the best pubs along the river, according to a London poll. It claims itself to be the oldest pub on the river, since around 1520. It has gone through several name changes, and the only original aspect of the building is the flagstone floor. The most special aspect of the pub is the hangman's noose  The Prospect of Whitby has a great outdoor space, but if the tide is high, you could get splashed.

 {Hangman's noose - a symbol of the 1685 Monmouth Rebellion to overthrow King James II}
 {This pewter-top bar is said to be the longest in Britain. Apparently these bars were popular in early 20th century, but most have been replaced.}
 {There are signs like these all over the pub that explain history facts.}
The last pub on the my list was across the river, so we headed to the Overground (which actually goes underground haha) to get there. The Mayflower is a really nice pub, but it is kinda out in the middle of nowhere. I visited the pub with my parents back in August after we heard about it during our river cruise. The actual Mayflower ship set sail for America from where the pub sits, but made a stop in Southampton for supplies before continuing on. It also has a really nice deck, but during this time of year, the sun doesn't touch it so it is a bit chilly unless you sit in the heated tent they have set up. The sky was really pretty as the sun went down.

As we walked along the river from pub to pub, it was neat to see Canary Wharf change locations since the river snakes. We could have kept going along the river where more pubs sit, but we chose to go find something to eat in Dalston. It always amazes me how a pub can seem empty from the outside, but it is pretty lively once you get in. It is one of the things I love most about English pubs! Luke and I both agree that the Prospect of Whitby was our favorite - probably because of its history and outdoor space.

Where do you go to relax and wind down for the day?

British public houses began their smoke-free environments in 2006.

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