Friday, March 14, 2014

States Visit #2: Houston

Actual date of this event: 26 Feb to 3 Mar

It had been nine and a half months since our last (and first) visit back to our home country. During that time, we had seen all of our parents and some of our siblings. With Skype and FaceTime these days, it really feels like last week that we saw each other. Sometimes, Becca (my sister) and I spend a little too much time on FaceTime... our record is around 1 hour 32 minutes or so. Oooops! :-) Anyway, our main goal during our visit was to soak up as much nephews and niece time as possible since we hadn't seen them in the meantime, plus they change way too quickly!! The jet lag was (and still seems to be) really lagging but those kiddos kept me going! 

-started with eating Tex-Mex at Pappasitos
-played with the kiddos
-stayed up until 10pm on our first night (that's 4am GMT!!)
-spent way too much money at Sam's and Target (thanks for tagging along, Becca!)
-had Schlotzsky's (Debbie) and Freebird's Burritos (Luke) (thanks for lunch, Becca!)
-attended my dad's retirement party at his office (so proud of you, Dad!) 

{apparently Zoey saw Freddy Krueger behind the camera and Cooper was trying out for a rap video}
-played with the kiddos
-ate Tex-Mex at La Brisa with some folks from my dad's work (thanks for dinner, Dad!)
-played with the kiddos
-listened to Cooper read me a book (he is learning to read!)
-did a medical exam which is a requirement every two years while we are living overseas
-ate at Buffalo Wild Wings
-played with kiddos
-ate at Rudy's BBQ with the whole family (thanks for dinner, Dad!)
-played with the kiddos
-watched old videos of Becca and me doing gymnastics (we were da bomb!)
-took shots of Pinnacle King Cake vodka (thanks for the vodka, Eric!)
-drank PJ's King Cake Coffee (and brought some back with us) (thanks for the coffee, Eric!)
-played with the kiddos
-wore shorts to the park to play with the kiddos (watch this 6yr old and 3yr old swing!)
-ate at McAlister's
-played with the kiddos
-visited with friends and their kiddos over dinner (thanks for coming to dinner, friends!)
-visited with other friends over drinks at Cedar Creek (thanks for meeting for drinks, friends!)
-did two loads of laundry in 2 hours!!!!!! (love you, American full-size separate washers and dryers!)
-had lunch at Chilli's (thanks for lunch, Dad!)
-wore shorts while outlet mall shopping
-played with the kiddos
-played with the kiddos
-played with the kiddos
-bundled up due to a major temperature drop while doing more medical check-up stuff
-ate at Pappa's BBQ

After our delicious and gigantic lunch at Pappa's (I forgot how big American meals are!!), we headed to Louisiana to spend the last four days with Luke's family and soak up as much of the other two nephews. As it always is, we had a great time with my family. We really wanted it to be a relaxing time, and it was for the most part. Although it went fast, we got a good dose of hugs and kisses and playtime with the kids, but it is never enough, so until then we will stick to kisses with the FaceTime screen :-) 
{This guy just got his first iPhone!!! Now I can message him AND FaceTime him!!!!}

It cost us about $54 to fill up the fuel tank in the vehicle we rented. Our vehicle in London (which is smaller, but does require diesel) costs almost three times that amount for one fill. Yikes!

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