Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Buisson Cantina

Actual date of this event: 3 Sep and 5 Sept

Note: We have been without internet for two weeks, so I am just catching up on my blogs. Bare with me please.

So Mexican food in Scotland isn't the greatest. Who would have thought?? Well, okay. Maybe I am a little spoiled when it comes to some good Mexican food, especially since when I say Mexican food, I really mean Tex-Mex. Pappasitos is just the bomb!

As you know, Luke and I have moved in to our home and I have my kitchen equipment. Yes, I call it equipment because cooking is not easy when you have limited supplies, and that is what I was dealing with in our temporary flat. So before even going into the house, I had already planned what my first meal to cook would be. Tacos, baby! All right, tacos is like the easiest thing to make ever, but man we were craving us some Mexican food. 

All right, now that I have made my Aberdeen friends very furious by showing some logos, lets get on with it.

I browned some "steak mince" and added our "American" taco seasoning (we brought a bulk of it since we were told the stuff here doesn't cut it).

For our toppings, we had: a mixture of white and yellow cheddar cheese, pace picante, onions, tomato, lettuce.

Luke and I are not high maintenance eaters (I mean, I am not a high maintenance eater) so no sides or anything. Wah-lah! Tacos! Yummy yummy!!

Apparently the tacos from Monday night was not enough for us because Wednesday night was Mexican food in the Buisson household again. Chicken Fajitas! So again, we brought over some fajita seasoning to give our taste buds a little treat from Tejas. 

I chopped up some peppers and onions for grilling since my husband said "it's not fajitas without peppers and onions". Who's the cook here?

And I pan cooked some chicken and sliced it thin.

And Wah-lah! Chicken Fajitas! And a plate full of cheesy fajita mess for Luke.

In case of an emergency in the UK, dial 999.



  1. You know there is a way to spell "Voila!"

    And what you typed...that ain't it.


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