Thursday, May 9, 2013

States Visit: Mexican Times Two

Actual date of this event: 3 May

Luke and I were in a bit of a dilemma upon our arrival to Houston. Of course we wanted Mexican food And for every meal. But we felt bad that we would be forcing everyone else to eat it for every meal as well. We came to an agreement that Thursday night, we would get our BBQ fix, and Friday would be Mexican night!

On Thursday evening, we got Pappa's BBQ to go, so Luke and I could rest a bit. We didnt do too much resting since my parents and grandma came over to visit and, of course, resting doesn't exist when little ones are around. We enjoyed the company and were able to stay awake until about 10:30pm. Thankful we had the company to keep us awake!

On Friday morning, I got up for a jog around 7am since Luke and I had some errands to run. We went to the dentist to get our teeth cleaned and began figuring out our cell phone situation while visiting the States. Nothing came of that so... we decided that since we were so close to Pappasito's, we would have that for lunch!
Yummy in my tummy!! We ran a few more errands of cleaning my rings and shoe shopping! Luke and I headed back to my sisters house, so we could figure out the rest of the evening and night. 

We originally wanted to eat Lupe Tortilla for dinner in Houston (off 59) and then Luke, Becca, Eric and me would go get some drinks in town. Again, I felt bad making the whole family drive all the way into Houston, so we opted for staying near my sisters house and eat at Jimmy Changas. Literally, Luke and I just finished eating Mexican for lunch four hours before but we did not care! :)

After dinner, we all split up - the four young folks (ages 30 to 37 is young FYI) went to the city, mom & grandma went home, and dad & the kids went back for bed time. We decided to go for drinks at Flying Saucer which I had never been to before but it is full of beer taps and various beers from around the world so right up my alley!
If you buy and drink a certain number of beers, you get a plate with your name on it. While we were there, they presented someone with their award. I stuck to drinking Belgian beers, while Eric tried  flights and Becca stuck to ciders. Luke just drank! :)
Boddingtons!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Friends reference :) of course. 
We are so hip and cool and up for the party that we stayed out until 11pm!!!! Yeah. That's right! We had a fun night chatting and discussing their upcoming visit to London in July. Wooohooooo!!!

Luke and I enjoyed our Mexican food for lunch and dinner, but we needed to take a break for a few days. That's okay though because Luke reunited with his old pal the next day. 
Will be back for more 'Murica events!


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