Thursday, May 2, 2013

#TBT: Volleyball Forever

Currently, I am flying over the Atlantic Ocean making my way from London to Houston!!! Hopefully, I will see some of you folks over the next two weeks. If not, hopefully next time I am in the States.

Volleyball Forever!
freshmen year of high school at a three day club tournament in possibly Indianapolis??

During one of my jogs this week, I took a pass through Wimbledon Park and came upon some sand volleyball courts. This got me PUMPED! And also reminded me that years and years ago, I lived for volleyball.

I started playing volleyball for fun in 5th grade when my sister joined the school team in 7th grade. That was when I knew I would always be better than my sister at everything. Just kidding, Becca! (man, I was such a brat... okay, okay, I am still a brat.) I fell in love with the sport! I began drawing volleyballs on everything. Literally. Do I know anything about the civil war or photosynthesis or the names of the planets? No, but I can draw a darn perfect volleyball (just kidding, I know the planets)! I began playing on a team in 7th grade at school, and in 8th grade, I joined a club team that would have me playing year-round. It was so much fun as we got to travel to different cities for three day tournaments quite often. So fun! A big thank you to my parents for being so supportive and paying for all of that travel! And thanks to my sister for coming along, too :-)

Unfortunately, I did not continue playing in college. During my senior year of high school, I was feeling like a total old lady. All of that year-round playing had me icing my shoulder, my ankles, and my knees daily after every practice and every game. I didn't feel that my body could manage through the university level. As much as I wanted to, I think I would have had multiple surgeries by this point in my life if I had continued playing. I miss it so much though!

After seeing the courts this week, I have decided that I will sign up for the Wimbledon league that begins in June and runs for about 8-10 weeks. My shoulder will probably kill me for it, but I miss it so much. Plus, I need some friends. Cuz I ain't got any. It's sad. Wish me luck and pray that my body manages a few matches!!!

Volleyball was first played in 1895 in Massachusetts, and joined the Olympics in 1964.


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