Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Our First Visitors in London

Sorry for going completely out of order with these posts from the past few events. I can't explain why I am going in this order, so just go with it, okay? :-)

Actual date of this event: 19 & 20 April

Continuing with the events of the London Marathon weekend.... Luke and I expected our first visitors to our new flat that weekend. We received our shipment the night of Thursday, April 18. We had A LOT to do before the flat was in a livable condition. Luckily, we have understanding friends, and they didn't mind the mess too much. Plus, we weren't going to be at the flat very much over the weekend, so no big deal.

A group of friends from Aberdeen were coming to London for the weekend. Nary & Gerald and Nary's friends Christine were coming to London to see the Book of Mormom and watch the Marathon. They were staying in a hotel in the city, so Friday night it was still just Luke and me at our flat. Instead of continuing with organizing the flat, we headed into the city around 6pm to meet Nary, Gerald and Christine for dinner. It takes anywhere from 30-60 minutes to get into the city depending on where you are going. It seems like a long time, but it goes by pretty fast, especially when you have someone with you and you are changing trains and tube lines. Luke and I met our friends for dinner at Burger & Lobster. It is a pretty fun place, although expensive. You have a choice of a lobster for £20, a burger for £20, or a lobster roll for £20. Those are the only food choices, and they each come with skinny fries and salad. It was a fun environment since everyone is debating on what to order. Who knew that such a small menu would make it difficult to order? I ended up ordering ordering the lobster while Luke and Gerald each ordered a burger and then split a lobster. So that means in the end, I ate half a lobster and half a burger. Luke ate a whole lobster and half a burger. And Gerald ate a whole burger and half a lobster. Simple enough, right? Haha

After dinner, we walked through Soho and went into a bar called Lab. It specialized in cocktails. We literally had to read a book to figure out what drink we wanted. It took FOREVER to receive our drinks. Probably 20 minutes from the time we ordered until the time we were given all six, and this was while standing at the bar not by ordering from a waitress. They were yummy, but took forever! And of course, they were pricey. We all took a Passion Fruit shot which was oh my so so good! If you have never before had passion fruit, the actual fruit, you MUST try it. It is probably the best thing in the world!
The next day, Saturday, Luke and I woke up and did some more work in the flat. At around 2pm, we headed in to the city so we could meet Kristin and Jill since they were arriving to London. The three of us met at a pub, Garrick Arms, near Leicester Square station for a drink. We had plans for a pizza dinner in Soho again, so we ventured in that direction. We stopped at another pub, which was pretty difficult to do because most of the pubs and bars are not for... the... heterosexual. I think one time when I went into a pub, I walked right back out and said I was the only girl in there and the bouncer guy said "it's a gay bar." Oops! We found two places to have a drink before heading to Soho Joe for pizza. After dinner, we wandered toward Neal's Yard which is a super colorful little courtyard. Great for pictures, as Nary would put it. Luckily we got there when it was still somewhat light outside, so we could get a few pictures. 
Lastly, we ended up at the Crown & Anchor for a drink. We didn't stay long since the rockstar runner, Jill, was in need of an early night... and maybe I wanted an early night as well. Luke, Jill, Kristin and I all headed back to our messy flat in Wimbledon. It was a fun weekend, and Luke and I were so glad that we met our friends and so glad we still live so close to them! 

The names Soho London and SoHo New York City have nothing to do with each. Soho London refers to a hunting cry and SoHo NYC refers to South of Houston (a street name).



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