Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Homes Galore!

Yesterday, Luke and I did day 1 of house hunting. We stayed within the London Borough of Merton in an area called Wimbledon. Yep, that's where the famous annual tennis tournament takes place. We passed by the tennis park and even viewed three flats that overlooked the stadium... although not enough to be able to see any matches. Pretty neat though!

We saw around 16 places on day 1. We have A LOT to choose from but the realtor kept saying, "there isn't a whole lot available." Not sure what he was talking about! Last night, Luke and I discussed and discussed and we were pretty much on the same page. Thank GOD for that!

We plan to see a few of those places again today as a second viewing and also a few new properties. It's going to be a tough choice, but we no doubt will have a home that we will enjoy and can afford!

Steve-O (from MTV's Jackass) used to reside, or still resides not sure which, in Wimbledon. Or maybe he was born there. Anyway, he is listed as a notable resident of Wimbledon on Wikipedia.


I plan to do another House Hunters International post. Until then, here are some pics of a few different places:


  1. Double sinks!! What a treat. :o) Cool view of the stadium. You can open your windows and listen even if you can't see!

  2. Those places look nice! Looks like you will have a good lot to choose from:)


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