Monday, March 25, 2013

London Baby!

I am currently on a train across the Great Britain Island. And in less than two weeks from now, I will do this journey again but in a car! And be living in London Baby! Oh yeah, many of you don't know what's up, so here is a MAJOR update:

Today, Mar 25: I am traveling by train to London Baby!
Tomorrow and Wednesday, Mar 26&27: Luke and I are doing our home search in London Baby!
Thursday, Mar 28: I am traveling by train back to Aberdeen, Luke is flying back
Friday, Mar 29: Hanging out with our friends at Christo's Greek for our leaving do (aka going away party)
Saturday-Monday, Mar 30-Apr 1: Preparing our house for pack up by separating things in the house and comparing pictures from before we moved in
Tuesday and Wednesday, Apr 2&3: Movers come to pack up the house
Thursday and Friday, Apr 4&5: cleaning the house and putting it back to its original state
Saturday, Apr 6: leaving Aberdeen and driving toward London Baby! where will most likely stay in Manchester where there just happens to be a Taco Bell!!!!!
Sunday, Apr 7: arrive in London Baby! where we begin a new chapter in our lives

It's a busy two weeks but we have left ourselves some extra time to make sure things are done correctly which helps dial down the stress. Luke sure needs a break... I don't think I have ever seen him work so hard and so much. So I'm doing as much as I can to help him out which is definitely more than I did during our first relocation.

So since I have been on this train for 30 minutes now (and have 6hr and 30min to go) I have so far witnessed a few things: 1.) at Aberdeen Union Station, trains between Aberdeen and Inverness have been delayed/canceled because someone had been struck by a train, which does not effect me I just thought I would share, 2.) an Asian guy talking really loudly on his cell phone in his native language of not English, I want to sssshhhhhhh him, 3.) same Asian guy has a really long eye brow hair sticking straight out, just one hair, like an inch long, all other hairs laying normal, not sure how he does not notice this, shall I offer him my tweezers?, 4.) pink hair girl with tons of piercings was supposed to sit next to me until York, but moved so I have an empty seat next to me, wahoo! I can eat my peanut butter with a little bit of apple in peace, 5.) the Cairngorms look pretty white with snow, 6.) weather still looks absolutely terrible, hoping London Baby! will have better weather.

Wish me luck because when I arrive at Kings Cross, I MUST FIND PLATFORM 9 AND 3/4. If you don't know what that is from, then we cannot be friends. And then from there I need to find the correct tube line. And then get off at the correct stop. And then get on the correct train. And then get off on the correct stop. And then walk my way to the hotel. Oh and alllllll of that is between 5pm and 6pm.... prime London Baby! rush hour time. WISH ME LUCK!!!!!!!!

There is no platform 9 and 3/4 but there is a sign for it.



  1. Stop sounding so excited about this big move to London Baby!! ;) Your Aberdeen family can't handle the coming lose :(

  2. Please take a pic of the platform!! and please pluck that guy's random long eyebrow hair (maybe if he falls asleep)!!

  3. have fun looking for a new place!

  4. I am super excited for you guys. Best of luck finding your new home!


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