Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Small Recap on Resting Day

So sorry for my absence! It has been a fun, but exhausting past 13 days. Never in my life have I gotten so little sleep. Never in my life have I been so hot for so long. Never in my life have I walked so much. Never in my life have I drank so much beer (well, maybe not). Never in my life have I wanted to cry because I am so tired.

Today, I have a long list I things that need to get done around the house, so I don't have time to post what all has been going on. I can give just a few sneak peaks though. I am sure my sister and mom are dying to know the details, but this is all I can offer so far. Patience grasshopper :)

Becca and Eric's Visit, July 18-27
one of the funniest moments in my life... Eric was super tourist taking pics of the guards from about two feet away
Passion Fruit cider.... oh.so,yummy!
dinner before our Rock of Ages show
crossing Abbey Road... like the Beatles
a prince was born! 
Visiting the Lindo Wing where the Royal Baby was born
Paris France with Family, July 27-29
Visiting the Opera
Paris in the Winter and Paris in the Summer is very different!
River Boat Dinner cruise
Eiffel Tower at night is one of the most magical things ever
La Defense (new downtown) at the Grand Arch which lines up with the Arc de Triomphe
Poor Luke had to go back to work today, while I got to sleep in... yes, I slept in this morning which rarely happens. I don't know my exact numbers, but I probably logged 65-75 miles of walking the past 13 days (5-6 miles a day) which is super brutal on the knees and calves (walking is much worse than jogging). I deserve a day off!

I hope you all have a terrific Tuesday! (is that what day it is today? I don't even know!?!!)



  1. if you had to pick what would be the best time to visit Paris? Summer or Winter?

    1. Oooh, good question! Because I really dislike being hot and sweaty, I go with winter. But the flowers and greenery really spruce up the place, so summer is really nice if you don't mind the heat. I liked being bundled up in front of the Eiffel Tower, and sitting under the heaters on the patios at cafes. Really added to the romance of the city!

  2. You guys have been so busy! Hope your trip to Paris was great!


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