Thursday, July 4, 2013

#TBT: Christmas Dance Committee

Happy July Fourth!
Let's see if I can make a long story short...

Christmas Dance Committee
Fall 1998

At the high school I attended, we had a few dances a year, and depending on what grade you were in depended on which dance you could attend.
1.) Homecoming Dance - everyone in the school was invited to this dance; always held in the high school gymnasium; tradition was boys asked girls to the dance
2.) Freshmen/Sophomore Christmas Dance - If you were a Freshmen or Sophomore, this was your Christmas Dance; always held in the high school gymnasium; tradition was girls asked boys to the dance
3.) Junior/Senior Christmas Dance - If you were a Junior or Senior, this was your Christmas Dance; always held at a fancy hotel either in downtown Houston or in Galveston; tradition was girls asked boys to the dance
4.) Senior Prom - Only Seniors and their dates were invited; always held at a fancy hotel in the Houston area; it was up in the air between boys and girls asking each other

The Freshmen/Sophomore Christmas was LAME. The idea of attending a dance with a bunch of FRESHMEN in the gym at your SCHOOL on a SATURDAY NIGHT was totally lame. Well, there was a loophole to who was invited to Junior/Senior Christmas Dance. It was called the Christmas Dance Committee.

As a Sophomore, you could apply to be a member of the committee. If you were chosen, you were in charge of organizing the dance for your junior year. Since members were given that task for the next year, in reward prior to organizing, the Sophomore committee members were allowed to attend the Junior/Senior Christmas Dance. Woohoo!!!! So naturally, every Sophomore girl made it a priority to be chosen for the Christmas Dance Committee. 

Long story short (haha!!), I got chosen to be on the committee! Yay!!!! But when initiation rolled around, this is the outfit I had to wear for the night. Boooo!!! How did my big, sophomore, volleyball behind fit into a small 4th/5th graders leotard? It didn't. I specifically remember picking a massive wedgie the entire night!! My sister passed on this old leotard of mine from 4th/5th grade to a committee member the year before me (the year after her). So when it was my turn to dress the next committee member up for initiation, guess what they got to wear? Yep, the green leotard!

Did your high school have any committees or clubs that gave you access to special activities?


  1. Geeze, I remember those initiations. At the time, I was dating a boy but had a very secret crush on his older senior brother. Apparently, word got out to my 'mentor' and she made me wear a billboard declaring my love for my boyfriend's brother. Luckily, they both just laughed about it but I was still humiliated! At least the sandwich board did a little bit to hide my hideous outfit, but it didn't do anything to mask the strong BO odor stuck to it. Traumatic!

    1. Awww! Luckily I never had a massive crush on a guy during one of these initiations otherwise I no doubt would have a similar story. Girls are terrible!!

  2. I remember that outfit! It was RIDICULOUS! We laughed and laughed. But you had fun (I hope). Another plus to Christmas Committee (at least for us. Haha. Not so much for you) was the parents of the girls got to chaperone the dance. So we got to go too. I remember GMax was in town for one of them (or was that Prom?) and she came too. A very interesting night

  3. Compliments of Kelli Ruccius, right?
    (not so much selected as grandfathered in)


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