Monday, July 22, 2013

Welcome Seester & Brudda!

My sister (Becca) and brother-in-law (Eric) arrived last Thursday, and it has been super fun so far! They are still here and will be staying until Saturday. Currently, they are still sleeping (8am)... I may have worn them out already OR they Eric, could have already gone a little bit overboard with the ale tasting. I hope they are enjoying themselves so far :-)

Thursday Highlights:
Drinks at Blackfriars before walking to see London Eye, Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and Scotland Yard.

It was windy and sunny!

Friday Highlights:
Tower Bridge
Raclette and other food tasting at Borough Market
Tower of London (castle)
Drinks at Sushi Samba at Heron Tower (38th floor)
First ride on top level of a double decker bus... Freaking out!
Dinner at The Breakfast Club Spitalfields before heading to...
The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town for drinks (underground speakeasy at The Breakfast Club)
Becca ordered a drink that came with a shot on fire that had rum soaking the second hottest pepper in the world. The tiniest sip required milk to wash it down. We all tried the rum :)
Tower Bridge at night - got to see the bridge open up.

More to come later about our weekend in Bath, UK and out visit to Stonehenge. 

Happy Monday!


  1. You can bring drinks on the bus??? Cool! Tower bridge is so pretty at night!

    1. Oh, the drinks pic is at Sushi Samba at Heron Tower. Unfortunately, no alcohol is allowed on the buses or the tube... unless you hide it of course, then they no one will know. Not that I am speaking from experience ;-)


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