Thursday, July 11, 2013

#TBT: Sprout

First Grade Picture, 1989

This is my most favorite school picture ever! 
But it has a bad memory associated with it.

I always wore my hair in a half up ponytail because I could do nothing else with it. The ponytail usually stuck straight up, so I was given the nickname of Sprout. It must have been my very first nickname, and I really liked it.

When I went to take my school picture, my teacher decided, at the last minute, to comb down my ponytail... my signature mark. I was SO VERY UPSET. But I was such a sweet little girl... not sure what happened there... so I did not say anything to the teacher. I just kept calm and carried on. The nickname Sprout didn't stay with me for very long... my hair grew, and didn't stick up like a Sprout anymore. From then on, I started going by 'Debbie' which began the Little Debbie Cakes era.

It is amazing how something so little can upset someone so much that they still remember it 24 years later. It didn't ruin my life or anything, and really, the picture is still cute, so the lack of Sprout on my ponytail is not that big of a deal. But I still remember those few moments from so long ago. 

Do you have any memories from when you were a child that seem like a silly thing to remember?


  1. You were always a "by the book" kid. You know? ALWAYS followed the rules and was offended when someone else didn't. I don't rem why I started putting both your ponytails up like that. (Or maybe it was you and not me after all.) you always liked to do things for yourself. Sounds a lot like a certain granddaughter of mine! And, like her, you were ADORABLE!

  2. What an adorable picture!! My old teammate's nickname is Debbie Cakes! :)

  3. I had a very similar haircut in my 2nd grade picture.. lol.. but it's much cuter on you!


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