Monday, August 26, 2013

Airplanes - they pose a few questions

Oh, hey! Where have you been? I have been wondering if you were still alive!

Just kidding. Just kidding! Yes, I am still alive. 

It has been a busy past couple of weeks. I have way too much to do today to recap everything that has been going on, so I will leave you with a few teasers (and a question) until I can get my head back on straight.

1.) Our bikes got stolen.

2.) Our trip to Berlin is booked! And in the process of booking Amsterdam and Aberdeen!

3.) My parents visited for about 9 days. Classic picture in London...

4.) We took a weekend trip to Oxford, England.

5.) We took a weekend trip to Dublin, Ireland.

The Question:
This weekend we flew AerLingus to Dublin. When getting on the plane, I was told I could not bring hot coffee onto the plane (they were actually very rude about it). I had cold coffee which they thought was hot, so it wasn't a big deal, but I had never heard this one before... anyone else ever been told not to bring hot coffee on board? What is the reason for this? Also while we are talking about airplanes... why do airline women look like they have a giant can of hair spray in their hair? And why do the shades have to be up during take off and landing?
(sorry that was four questions)

Happy Monday folks!!!


  1. Hi - Long time, no blogging! Welcome back! Never heard about the coffee, have noticed the emerging beehive hair, and have no idea on the windows!!

  2. Hi Debbie, It's probably a safety issue on both counts. With people swinging bags around on boarding and then the issue of take off they need to make sure that hot beverages are not going to spill. They could have been nicer about it though. Also the blinds have to be up in case of a crash on takeoff or shortly after so that passengers can see outside in the middle of the chaos. Love your blog. San

    1. Never thought about either of those -thanks! Anyone with a cup of coffee in their hand could easily be set off by telling them to throw it away. Yikes! and thanks :-)

  3. OMG this same thing happened to us when we were flying out of Dublin. Maybe it's an Aer Lingus thing? I had just bought a 6 dollar hot cocoa from starbucks before boarding because I wanted to drink it on the plane and they made me throw it away. I was so furious!

    1. I would have been too! Luckily my coffee was cold cuz I was in need of that baby! I was just irritated that they were rude about it and acted as if it was a rule that all airlines follow.

  4. Maybe it is an Aer Lingus thing. I didn't realise that other airlines allowed boarding with coffee. They shouldn't be rude though. Travelling is stressful enough as it is without having a run in with someone before takeoff.

  5. Yes, but mostly in Europe. I usually travel for work but have tried to cut back as I'm a Mom now.


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