Friday, August 30, 2013

Dreaming of Italy... Literally

Exploring the country of Italy has been a long long time dream of mine. The past few nights, I have literally been dreaming about Italy.

Luke and I will be making our way to Italy in just a few days, and my life lately has been consumed with all things Italy. Remember when you were obsessed with Tetris, and all you thought about was Tetris (or maybe it's today and it's Candy Crush)? And you had dreams of the little blocks flying down your screen (or it's today and you see Candy match-ups or however the game is played because I have never played it)? Well, all I can think about is Italy. I haven't been able to sleep these past few nights because I wake up thinking, "What else do I need to do before Italy?", "I need to remember to do that.", "I need to print this.", "I need to pack that."

<cue the little violin>

This trip is a HUGE task to plan - we are traveling for 11 days, and we aren't even going to most of the country. We will be in Rome, Vatican City, and possibly Ostia Antica. Then to Florence and the Chianti region. Then to the five towns that make up Cinque Terre. Lastly, we will visit Pisa. From what I have experienced so far, the attractions' websites in Italy are similar to what I experienced while planning my wedding in New Orleans. Meaning extreme lack of info!

<cue the little violin>

Is it that difficult to show opening times?
Is it that difficult to show the admission price?
That's all I need folks.

<cue the little violin>

Anyway, Jill is arriving today with her friend, Kasey (from Texas) to explore London in which afterward they move on to Paris! Poor Luke will be stuck in a tiny flat with three girls for a few nights (hehe). It's going to be a super fun weekend!

I hope yours is, too!


  1. check out my trip to Italia back in 2008! The last post on the link is our first day there

  2. We are going to Rome in March. Take good notes for me!

  3. We were in Cinque Terre at the beginning of August. Love it


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